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Learn the Advantages of LED Low Voltage Lighting in this Video from Bulbrite

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You’ve decided to make the switch to LED lighting and are exploring your bulb options. As Brian Creeley is quick to point out, “You get what you pay for” and not all LED’s are created equal. This video explaings that while other bulbs may be cheaper, Bulbrite’s LED lighting lasts longer and allows for more options. A big problem facing bulbs is the ability to dim LED. Low voltage isn’t possible with the cheaper bulbs, causing them to not be able to hold a weaker charge that would allow them to be dimmed. Bulbrite’s bulbs have a custom driver that can hold different amounts of current and allows for LED low voltage, using less power and giving the bulbs the ability to dim. By using LED, low voltage options are possible and increase the life of the bulb. The longer the bulb lasts the less frequently you have to buy a new one. You’re helping your wallet as well as the environment. Capitol Lighting is proud to support the push towards LED lighting and a “greener” world by carrying Bulbrite LED bulbs. These bulbs are available at any of the eight Capitol Lighting showrooms as well as online at
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