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Lighting Your Kitchen With Joe Rey Barreau

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The lighting industry today with the asistance of the American Lighting Association and its member is helping consumers understand this incredible variety of product categories, that are available today, probably more than in the history of illumination going back to 1879 when edison invented the light bulb. In todays marketplace the kitchen is such an important part of peoples lifestyle that they really need to consider a number of different components, of how good kitchen lighting comes together. Initially we have to start with what we call in the industry task lighting. Thats the kind of lighting that you actually need to have enough of that you can do tasks well. The way to start out thinking about that is with what we call undercabinet lighting, this lighting is ideal because its immediately next to where you need it. It is available in a whole range of product categories in terms of light sources, which they make in very excellent color quality so that you can actually have it match the other color in the kitchen. Theres a type of undercabinet lighting called Xenon which is a type of incandescent lighting which produces a type of white light. We also have the traditional halogen sources, but we are moving away from the Halogen sources because they get too hot. In addition to undercabinet and recessed lighting a third layer of lighting, would be putting some type of decorative fixture in the center of the space, interestingly these can be as elaborate as crystal chandeliers. Another decorative fixture that can work in the kitchen are pendants, there are lots of colors, and many different glass pendants with interesting characteristics such as patterns and textures. A fourth layer would be specialty lighting, these are similar to the undercabinet lighting, these are fixtures that are placed above the cabinet. You can put a line of this linear type of fixture that will create a glow of light above the cabinet. In summary American Lighting Association has been at the forefront of providing information on how to better light our spaces, which is why consumers need to visit American Lighting Association showrooms, where they'll find specialists to assist them in making decisions about which type of lighting would work well for them.
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