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Sergio Orozco Lighting Is Powerful

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I strongly believe that lighting is the most powerful element of this century, there is nothing without lighting. The easiest way for the consumer to make their homes livable, is to change their lighting, it’s the simplest, and it’s the most inexspensive. By going to their normal retailer, and educating themselves on the many different luminaires that can make their home more beautiful and refreshen their interiors. But more importantly, the thinking about lighting itself, is the thinking about the many different moods that you want to create. In past years, the style trends were very important, but today people are talking about different moods. There are so many groups of elements that become trends, but they are more in the sense of a mood and less in the sense of a style. There is an avalanche of new ideas brewing and materializing in our lighting showrooms. The immense amount of effort, energy and passion that my team and I put into developing these products can be beautifully displayed by lighting retailers, which in turn must be connected with the American Lighting Association, which is the only entity in the world that is carressing, and embracing the concept of lighting and presenting it to our audience.
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