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The Romance of Lighting With Sergio Orozco

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We feel that lighting in the home has to be romantic, that we can bring some magic to the home by using lighting and luminaires. I believe that luminaires are accessories and that you accessorize with lighting. In the bedroom most people with use recessed light, and I think that they do work well in the bedrooom, but only if they have a specific direction, if your lighting a painting or sculpture. If you have them, they need to be on dimmers. You must use portable lighting, which brings a little bit of charisma into the environment your going to be sleeping. Wall sconces play a tremendous role in the bedroom. If you use a few different elements in the bedroom you can create some magic. Most people have a tremendous amount of interest in the bedroom and the bathroom. Bathrooms are the most difficult to light. if you want some drama of course your going to use LEDs but if you want function, i've discovered that small portable lamps can solve many lighting problems in bathrooms. Flourescent would not be an option for me in the bathroom, I would try to use as much incandescent as possible, but in terms of the kitchen, flourescent is a great firend of mine when it comes to the kitchen, not for beauty, but for function, because it does not create shadows and you can cook very easily on the table. flourescent is actually one particular element that is gaining tremendous posture why, because there is a lot of sentiment and a lot of feelings in terms of saving energy or conserving lighting, and we have come to the realization that we can do so many things with glass, we can etch it we can color it we can engrave it, its the new fabric. The American Lighting Association is basically the only staff and the best staff that will give you all this information and all this knowledge for free.
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