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Chandeliers of All Sizes and Styles, Crystal Chandelier, Contemporary Chandelier, Foyer Chandelier

Shop Chandeliers, from Crystal Chandeliers to Modern Chandeliers, of All Sizes and Styles at Capitol Lighting's 1-800lighting.com

Draw the eyes upward — and make a big, bold statement while you're at it — when you install one of these stunning chandeliers from 1800Lighting and Capitol Lighting. Chandeliers are suspended light fixtures that hang from the ceiling using a chain, pole or suspension mount in order to provide large-space lighting and a decorative appeal. Traditionally, chandelier fixtures have several tiers of bulbs and are often finished with beautiful crystal prisms and shapes to refract light. 1800Lighting has the world's best selection of exceptional quality chandeliers that you can install in your foyer, dining room, hallway, kitchen, bathroom or any other space.

If you love the idea of classic, eye-catching crystal chandeliers, 1800Lighting can help make your vision a reality. We have an impressive assortment of classic crystal styles that make a perfect complement to your Victorian, antique, vintage or Italianate living space. When placed in a sunny room with plenty of ample light, your crystal chandelier will beautifully reflect the sunshine and create a unique light show. We also have many exquisite bronze and brass chandeliers that provide an up to date take on the quintessential chandelier. You can choose styles finished with decorative shades or keep it classic with chandeliers featuring exposed bulbs with vintage-style light bulbs that complete the design.

Although chandeliers carry with them a certain sense of opulence and traditionalism, today's styles come in a breadth of shapes and finishes to honor just about any décor scheme. For example, you can invest in a modern chandelier that harkens back to the 1950s or ‘60s with retro-inspired globes and geometric arms if you enjoy Mid-century style. We also have ultra-contemporary chandeliers in single-tier styles that play into an industrial, Asian or gallery-inspired vibe. Capitol Lighting's 1800Lighting.com provides free shipping, easy returns and a best-price guarantee to ensure that you're always pleased with your experience with us.

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  • Bronze Tones

    Bronze Tones (3937)

  • Brushed-Satin Nickel

    Brushed-Satin Nickel (2256)

  • Chrome-Polished Nickel

    Chrome-Polished Nickel (1845)

  • Gold Tones

    Gold Tones (1384)

  • Black

    Black (1273)

  • White

    White (1072)

  • Silver Tones

    Silver Tones (1029)

  • Antique-Satin Brass

    Antique-Satin Brass (930)

  • Clear and Crystal

    Clear and Crystal (812)

  • Pewter-Gunmetal

    Pewter-Gunmetal (409)

  • Yellow

    Yellow (342)

  • Rust

    Rust (326)

  • Copper Tones

    Copper Tones (303)

  • Beige-Off White

    Beige-Off White (297)

  • Orange and Amber

    Orange and Amber (274)

  • Multicolor

    Multicolor (189)

  • Green

    Green (171)

  • Brown

    Brown (142)

  • Gray

    Gray (114)

  • Wood Tones

    Wood Tones (73)

  • Red

    Red (33)

  • Pink

    Pink (29)

  • Blue

    Blue (25)

  • Purple

    Purple (14)

  • Painted Finishes

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