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Track and Rail Lighting
Fully Customizable Low and Line Voltage Lighting Systems

Track and Rail Lighting Systems, Low Voltage Lighting, Pendant Track Lighting

Shop Track and Rail Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting Systems, Pendant Track Lighting at Capitol Lighting's

The perfect choice for any low- or mid-ceiling environment where customizable ambient and task lighting is desired, track and rail lighting systems provide your space with tailored illumination and an added dose of decorative style. These styles are the preferred choice for art galleries, retail environments, bars, kitchens, offices and workspaces because they provide multiple lamps that can be adjusted and directed for focused illumination. 1800Lighting has an endless variety of track lighting systems and components that you can use to build a custom track or rail light design, whether you're looking for an easy-to-install, all-inclusive track lighting system or want to tailor-make your own with track and rail heads.

We have two of the most popular types of track lights here at 1800Lighting: rail lighting and cable lighting. These systems are very similar — they both use a track (either a cable or a rail) to hang several lamps — however, cable lighting uses a cable system to hang the lamps and can be hung from one wall to another rather than mounted on the ceiling. You'll want to choose cable track lighting if you can't mount directly onto the ceiling, such as if your ceiling is constructed from concrete or cement. Rail lighting is the most common type of track lighting and provides a sleek, overhead style that's directly mounted to the ceiling. We have a range of options, including low-voltage track lighting and cable lighting, in this selection.

For something a bit more unique, consider a pendant track lighting blend featuring suspended lamps. You can also create a unique visual effect with round globe lights hanging from a track or choose telescoping monorail lights that provide a modern, industrial charm. 1800Lighting is here to help you choose energy efficient, high-quality styles for your home, so we have plenty of eco-friendly and cost-effective LED track lighting options in this selection. You'll appreciate the endless array of styles provided by top brands like Kichler, Quoizel, Tech Lighting and WAC Lighting.