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Recessed Lighting
Trims, Housings and Everything in Between

Recessed Lighting, Ceiling Can Lights, Recessed Lighting Trims and Housings

Shop Recessed Lighting and Can Ceiling Lights - from Recessed Lighting Trims to Low and Line Voltage Housings - at Capitol Lighting's

When your lighting goal is to provide low-profile overhead lighting with customizable features, recessed lights — also referred to as can lights or gimbal lights — are the obvious choice. These ubiquitous, versatile lights included streamlined housings, which are installed into the ceiling so that they only minimally protrude into the space below the ceiling. These ultra-practical fixtures make great options for ambient lighting and task lighting alike and are finished with decorative trims to ensure that they match your unique home décor scheme. 1800Lighting by Capitol Lighting is your top resource for recessed lighting, whether you're looking to upgrade to LED recessed lights or want to refresh your existing styles with good-looking recessed lighting trims.

1800Lighting is on hand to help you make the great big leap to LED can lights. We have an endless variety of LED recessed housings from which to choose, all of which will provide you with exceptionally long-lasting lamps which run at a significantly lower voltage — therefore consuming much less energy — than their old-fashioned incandescent counterparts, effectively helping you save money on energy and maintenance. Many of our LED recessed lights are dimmer compatible, so you can pair them with your dimmer to ensure that you always get tailored lighting when you need it the most. We have indoor and outdoor recessed lights in this variety at 1800Lighting.

Want to give your new or existing recessed lighting a great-looking upgrade? Explore our huge variety of stylish recessed light trims to find solutions that fir every budget that will transform your current components. Whether you're performing a remodel and want to ensure that your trim matches your new décor or need to replace a worn or broken trim, this selection includes plenty of styles for your vision. Shop trims in white, brushed satin, bronze, clear, black, chrome, gold, gray and more at 1800Lighting. We're proud to offer the guaranteed lowest prices, easy returns and free shipping on recessed lights by top brands like Quorum and Swarovski.

Don't Forget the Recessed Lighting

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Effectively and Unobtrusively Light Your Room

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