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Ceiling Lighting

Artful Luminaires from Above
Feiss Nori Chandelier

Ceiling lamp fixtures, Lights, Pendants and Chandeliers from Top Brands

Artful ceiling light fixtures, pendants and chandeliers

Ceiling Lamps

Give your space the perfect finishing touch with ceiling lights from 1800Lighting. These ceiling lamps are designed to be installed from above, effectively creating a unique overhead luminaire that provides effective large-space illumination while drawing the eyes upward. These ceiling light fixtures come in an exceptional assortment of styles — including pendant lights, chandeliers, flush-mount ceiling lights, semi flush-mount ceiling lights, island lights, recessed lighting and track and rail lighting — to help you create a one-of-a-kind scheme that honors your lighting needs and aesthetic preferences. 1800Lighting's ceiling light fixtures can be installed in kitchens, dining rooms, living spaces, offices and more.

Pendant Lights and Chandeliers

When it comes to ceiling lights, fixtures that are suspended via a chain or pole — commonly referred to as pendant lights and chandeliers — are an endlessly popular choice for style-focused designers and homeowners. These pieces appear to hang from the sky, creating a truly dramatic and statement-making focal point in any room, especially spaces with higher ceilings and architectural recesses or archways. 1800Lighting has everything from traditional chandelier fixtures with glimmering crystals to ultra-modern pendant lights with sleek cylindrical and globe-style lamps. We also have a selection of mini chandeliers and island lights for those challenging lighting environments.

Flush Mounts and Recess Lighting

For a low-profile aesthetic, make sure to explore our huge assortment of flush-mount lights and recessed lighting. These styles can be installed directly onto the ceiling or used as a recessed housing to provide a clean, streamlined look from below. These types of lights are great for extra accent lighting, task lighting and bright lighting in rooms with lower ceilings. With so many different ceiling light fixtures to choose from, it can be difficult to find a style that suits your specific needs. 1800Lighting makes it easy to narrow your search by category, size, style, brand, price and more so that you find ceiling lights that are tailored to your tastes. You can always stop by a Capitol Lighting showroom in Florida or New Jersey to see fixtures in person.

Learn to Properly Size Your Ceiling Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not choosing the right sized chandelier for their room. There are some simply guidelines to follow that make the decision a snap. View our video to learn more.

Chandeliers Create Drama Throughout the Home

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Transform Your Space with Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is an incredibly versatile lighting solution suitable for many applications. Use the in a cluster to create your own chandelier or in a row to light an elongated surface. Read our article for more ideas.