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Geometrix by Schonbek - Dazzling Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers, Pendant Lighting and More

Shop Schonbek Geometrix High Tech Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers, Pendant Lights and Sconces in Fifty Color Variations

Swarovski crystals are vivid, flamboyant, and glittering. So are the crystal lighting solutions from Geometrix by Schonbek. Studded with the most perfectly cut Swarovski crystals, each crystal chandelier from the brand is for people who are all about vibrancy, color, and shine. From subtle chic to dominatingly bright, Geometrix by Schonbek offers a light for every house.


The maker of traditional crystal chandeliers, Schonbek has been in the market for 143 years and it stepped into the booming niche of technical lighting in October 2004 with the brand release of Geometrix. Categorized as the “high tech low voltage” lighting solutions, Geometrix by Schonbek now offers contemporary lighting designs that include ceiling lighting consisting of crystal pendants and chandeliers and wall sconces, all studded with the trademark Strass Swarovski crystals woven into blistering bodies in definite geometric shapes like spirals, slices, and cubes.

Uniquely bold and beautiful, the chandeliers from the brand have featured in some great movies like Black Swan, Disney’s Enchanted, and The Pink Panther.


The Geometrix by Schonbek lighting fixtures glitter because of the signature lily-cut Strass Swarovski crystals which bejewel every single work of art the brand produces. The crystals are cut to sheer perfection with as high as possible refractive index so that the fiery crystals do the utmost justice to the xenon and halogen lights and create poetry in light. Craftily exquisite and amazingly versatile, these designs use simple shapes of spheres, spirals, pyramids, slices and cylinders. Both dramatically bold and chic at the same time!

Product line

Categorized into three basic divisions of ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and lamps, Geometrix by Schonbek offers a wide range of wall sconces, pendant lighting, both small and big, and chandeliers. The designer master pieces are a treat for all those who admire art. The designer collections range from the utterly dazzling Refrax to the extremely graphic Matrix. Others include the Vertex Diamonds, Da Vinci, and Dionyx. Majorly the ceiling lights offered by the brand are Modern-Contempo in their style.

1800lighting Suggestions

With over 200 different designs, Geometrix never fails to impress. If you are all about colors and shine, the Geometrix by Schonbek RE0505 Refrax 5 Inch Mini Pendant is a good choice. A massive expression of lights and crystals in a multitude of colors, this pendant is perfect for any entrance hallway.