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Torchiere Floor Lamps

Torchiere Lamps are an ideal way to enjoy the classic beauty of a Lamp as well as adding to your home decor. Work better and see better and have more style, with Torchiere Lamps, available from top name brands.

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Torchiere Floor Lamps of All Styles

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Torchiere Floor Lamps

The torchiere floor lamp is perhaps one of the most underrated types of floor lamps. This lamp gets its name because it's modeled after a torch, with the lampshade and base directed upwards. Torchieres are often equipped with reflecting bowls that direct the light onto a ceiling or wall, making them a top-notch choice for applications where you need indirect lighting to showcase architectural features, artwork and more. 1800Lighting by Capitol Lighting is a top resource for quality made, stylish torchiere floor lamps. We have hundreds of styles to suit modern, transitional, traditional, whimsical and rustic living spaces, among others.

Color Options for Torchiere Floor Lamps

For a touch of classic charm, you can decorate with one of our antique bronze torchiere floor lamps. These beautiful styles are topped with a rich, bronze-toned finish that works well in traditional, rustic and vintage living spaces. For something a bit more contemporary, you may prefer our brushed satin nickel torchiere floor lamps that make a lovely accent piece in any transitional, industrial or contemporary environment thanks to their sleek, glossy appearances. At 1800Lighting, we also have elegant torchiere lamps in chrome-polished nickel, black, white, gold tones, brass and even multicolored styles to help you find a style that works with your existing décor.

Styles of Torchiere Floor Lamps

Because of its rather unconventional shape, the torchiere lamp makes a perfect addition to any inspired contemporary décor style. We have a large assortment of modern torchiere lamps that you can use to complement your up to date space, including single and multiple lamp styles with statement-making silhouettes. We have everything from eye-catching tripod torchieres with art glass basin-style lamps to contemporary steel styles with geometric silhouettes. 1800Lighting offers a 110% best-price guarantee, free shipping, easy returns and customized lighting advice for our customers. See pieces up close and personal when you visit a Capitol Lighting showroom in Florida and New Jersey.

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