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Outdoor Spot Lights

Outdoor Spot Lights are great for providing accent lighting for various different features of a home including front doors, side entrances, or garage doors. Outdoor Spot Light Fixtures are also commonly used to cast a wide angle of light over a very large area. Find the perfect Outdoor Spot Light from our vast collection.

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Outdoor Spot Lights of All Styles

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Introduction to Outdoor Spot Lights

Outdoor spot lights have become one of the most popular ways to illuminate any outdoor space, from front yards to backyards, to providing light for driveways, walkways and everything in between.

Different Types and Applications of Outdoor Spot Lights

Outdoor Spot Lights help light the entrance to a home. In some cases where a house is set further back on a property multiple spot lights may be used. Spot lights may be used as accent lighting to focus and put emphasize on a fixture or fixtures in a garden or yard such as fountains, birdbaths, and flower pots. Other times, spotlights and floodlights can be used to cover a wider area than just accent lighting. Proper Outdoor Lighting can improve your safety by helping you avoid any nasty slips, trips and falls as well as enhancing security by acting as deterrents for burglars. Spot lights may be set to an automatic motion sensor to turn on when movement is detected nearby or they may be set to a timer, to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Outdoor Spot Lights range from $80 - $2,500 in price and are offered in many different styles. Styles include modern contemporary, traditional, transitional, as well as Tiffany glass. The height of these light fixtures range from 0 to 65 inches and available in serveral finishes as well. Finishes available include bronze, satin nickel, black, and white tones. When purchasing landscape lighting you should know your voltage type, whether line or low voltage, and the desired bulb type whether LED, incandescent, halogen or fluorescent. Shop all the top name brands including Kichler, Bulbrite, Access Lighting, Varaluz, WAC Lighting, Nuvo Lighting, and Progress Lighting.

Design and Installation of Outdoor Spot Lights

Outdoor spot lights are often installed in locations where standard lighting would not necessarily be needed. Since you do not need a roof, ceiling or a wall to install these lighting fixtures, they can be placed anywhere you desire. Spotlights may be mounted on a shed, garage, tree, or in the ground uplighting your home. Wiring may be hidden to keep your yard space neat. Unless of course, it is solar powered, in which case it would not require any wiring. Remember to keep the fixtures hidden so that they are not the focal point, only what they are pointed at should remain the focus.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Spot Lights

For high quality, modern, functional and affordable landscape light fixtures similar to outdoor spot lights, visit Capitol Lighting Choose from the following landscape lighting essentials: pathway lights, deck lights, landscape transformers, well lights, outdoor flood lights, landscape specialty lights, bollards, pond and fountain lights, and more landscape lighting accessories.

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