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LED Outdoor Wall Lights

LED Outdoor Wall Lighting is important not only for nighttime security, but for accentuating your home’s architectural features.  LED Outdoor Wall Lights ensure your guests will be attracted to your home with a sense of style. Shop our huge collection of different LED Lighting styles from Traditional to Whimsical.

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LED Deck Lights, LED Step Lighting, and Low Voltage Lights of All Styles

Shop LED Deck Lights, LED Step Lighting, and Low Voltage Lights of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's Introduction to LED Deck Lights

There is no better place to turn in your search for LED Deck Lights than Capitol Lighting. LED deck lights will bring style to any deck while working smarter, not harder, to help cut down on energy costs throughout the year. Deck lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners with the fortune to have such a great outdoor space. LED Deck Lights are a popular choice among many homeowners because of the many advantages to installing LED deck lights on the premises over regular-bulb pathway lighting, or no pathway lighting at all. Some people take for granted the importance of LED lighting- it can last longer and stronger than regular lighting. LED deck lights can transform a deck, particularly in the late evening and at night when the sun sets.

Different Types and Applications of LED Deck Lights

Deck lights are versatile types of fixtures that you can actually use with any exterior feature of your home, including gazebos, patios, gardens and even sheds. LED Deck Lights are a specific type of deck light, with a specific bulb of LED, hence better energy efficiency, better cost efficiency, saving you money over time. LED Deck lighting fixtures themselves should generally go unnoticed, whether attached to a pier/post or side of a deck; they generally do not call attention to themselves. Instead, they should create an incredibly aesthetically pleasing look by enhancing the deck spaces and the features on the deck.

LED deck lighting is available in long, thin LED bulb strips, wired into the ground, or as singular fixtures. Besides lighting your deck with purposeful light so you can enjoy your deck space in the late hours of the evening, LED deck lighting is meant for purposes like critical safety factor – avoid falls as you exit your home onto your deck, and also provide light at night to deterrent for burglars.

Design and Installation of LED Deck Lights

LED Deck lighting can be installed to illuminate just about any outdoor deck area of a home and is installed just as you would with regular deck or pathway lighting, along the edges, in a location where you will uplight the deck space or walkway from the ground up. LED Deck light wiring should be hidden for appearance, functionality and safety purposes.

How to Choose the Best LED Deck Lights

There is no part of the outdoors that Capitol Lighting cannot brighten up with LED lighting! Shopping for LED Deck Lights is easy- visit Capitol Lighting or stop by to see a showroom and speak with one of our experts to find functional and affordable LED outdoor lighting fixtures and accessories like deck lights, and choose from the following LED outdoor lighting essentials: LED flood lights, LED outdoor wall lights, LED spot lights, LED well lights and other outdoor LED lighting must-haves like LED Pathway Lighting.

Outdoor LED deck lights range in price from the low end of the scale, $100, to as high as $1,000 for one fixture. LED deck lights are available as stand-alone fixutres, or may be found in outdoor ceiling lights, or outdoor deck fans. Heights of these fixtures may range from hanging just 12 inches, to up to 60 inches, permitting a higher ceiling. Styles that are offered include modern contemporary, transitional, crystal and even nautical. Finishes are available in bronze tones, white, neutral and copper tones, satin nickel, and more. LED Outdoor Deck lighting is available in colors from clear and crystal, as well as white, orange and amber. Capitol Lighting carries top name brands including Kichler, Eurofase Lighting, Progress Lighting, CSL Lighting, and Quorum International.

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