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Security Lighting

Outdoor security lights are the ideal solution when it comes to providing safety and comfort to the exterior of your home or business. Make your guests feel welcomed and secure in a practical manner by choosing the proper exterior lighting. Depending on your favorite styles, you may want to try security lighting from one of our top vendors including the practical and attractive designs of Kichler , Maxim Lighting , Sea Gull Lighting and more. Among the array of products we have are excellent LED outdoor security lights which keep you safe while remaining energy efficient. Try our security flood lights and so much more while making sure your number one priority - your family - is safe and sound at home.

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Security Lighting and Outdoor Security Lighting of All Styles

Shop Security Lighting and Outdoor Security Lighting of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's

One of the simplest ways you can improve the safety and security of your home is to design a practical outdoor security lighting scheme that brightens up low-lit areas at night. Security lights are placed throughout a property — at the driveway, on the front steps, in the backyard or on the patio — for two purposes: to make navigating your home easier at night and to deter burglars, animals and unwanted guests. 1800Lighting has an exceptional assortment of high-quality outdoor security lights, including classic directional flood lights, wall packs and much more. These lights will make your guests feel welcome any time of night.

At 1800Lighting, we can help you create the perfect outdoor environment using top-of-the-line security lighting by Kichler, Quorum, Progress and more. Flood lights are primarily designed for practicality and safety, but our selection includes a great variety of high-style options, too. For example, you can purchase two-bulb security lights in bronze, silver, black or rust finishes to match your home's unique style and color scheme. We also have eye-catching modern security lights in sleek, clean cylindrical shapes as well as more dramatic silhouettes that would work beautifully in any traditional environment.

We have a jam-packed assortment of LED security lights to help lower your energy consumption. We recommend choosing LED for applications where you intend to have your security lights running throughout the night. If you prefer that your lights only illuminate when they detect motion, you can choose one of our motion-activated security lights that include the motion sensor. These fixtures detect motion and use a heat sensor to turn on as needed, helping to deter burglars and animals without the need to run the light throughout the night. This is also a very useful feature when you come home late.

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