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Varaluz Fascination Pendant Light

Varaluz - Modern Lights, Green Lighting, Contemporary Lighting Fixtures for the Environment

Shop Varaluz Lighting for Eco-friendly Modern Lights, Green Lighting, Contemporary Lighting Fixtures and More

What is better than switching on a light in your home and instead of wasting energy you contribute your bit to the environment by saving it. “Green” lighting that uses energy saving sources like LEDs are a thing of both fashion and concern for the environments. Varaluz Lighting is a brand that pursues a holistic approach towards lighting solutions creating line of products that are extremely stylish as well as eco-friendly.


Established in 2006, Varaluz lighting is an unconventional way of lighting up your home. The company is the proud owner of a line of products that are handcrafted and are created out of recyclable materials. While the world is already filled with enough trash, the brand takes a step to remove some out of it and if not that, at least the brand ensures that its products do not create any more mess than there is. Hence the fixtures from the company feature recycled glass, recycled steel and sustainable fibers or shells. Varaluz Lighting creates fun and cool designs in chandeliers, foyer lanterns, and semi flush mounts with a conscience.


The brand features a fine collection of amazing designs, truly contemporary in every sense. Though the material used is up to seventy percent of recycled steel and glass, the designs are not recycled at all. Trendy and modern designs from the brand also come with assured quality and sustainability. One of the signature features of the brand is that is uses a number of reclaimed materials in the glass which is 100 percent recycled and the shades that are used on each of their lighting fixtures. Varaluz takes trash to extremities of beauty and modernism in the form of light.

Product Line

Varaluz offers a broad catalogue of modern lighting, green lighting and contemporary lighting solutions. The brand makes it easy for you to choose your favorite lighting fixture by dividing their products into three categories based on collection, type and style. While the different collection that are featured by the brand are Fascination, Masquerade, Rain and more, the styles range from Modern contempo to Mediterranean and Craftsman-mission. The “type” category features the good old classification of ceiling lighting, wall lighting and outdoor lighting.

1800lighting Suggestions

Varaluz is a perfect choice for modern contempo lighting solutions since the products feature extreme modernism in both style and technology. If you seek a chic and contemporary lighting fixture for your bathroom, take a look at the Varaluz 165B03 Fascination 34 Inch Bath Vanity Light which is designed to look like bubbles and can perfectly suit any bathroom.