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Island Lights and Linear Chandeliers

Kitchen Island Lighting is a modern and bright idea for brightening up your kitchen counters and island tabletop space. Revamp your kitchen lighting by installing Kitchen Island Lighting, available from top name brands.

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Kitchen Island Lighting of All Styles

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Introduction to Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

The kitchen is often the place within a home where people gather the most to eat, talk, and spend time. It is because of this that homeowners now give more thought to choosing the correct décor and lighting fixtures for their kitchen and dining spaces. If you are going to spend the most time in the kitchen, it should be the room with the best lighting! Trend setting designs of modern Kitchen Island Lighting gives your kitchen a distinctive illumination, which makes the kitchen area more appealing. You do not have to replace your furniture and appliances to change the look of the room, just add a Kitchen Island Lighting Fixture. Create a different look and feel in any kitchen by simply adding the right style Kitchen Island Lights. There are thousands to choose from online at Capitol Lighting’s!

Different Types and Applications of Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Island Lighting fixtures are great in most parts of the home, including kitchen counters and islands. You can use multiple Kitchen Island Lighting mini pendants or pendants as task lights and install them in rows over a countertop or table. A kitchen island chandelier has a different look compared to the pendant lighting for the kitchen. It is similar to a usual chandelier but is less ornate and is more elongated, horizontally, to match the shape and design of most island bars or kitchen counters. A Chandelier-style Kitchen Island Light is ideal when you have a larger kitchen island because it provides maximum coverage by using a single lighting fixture of this kind.

Capitol Lighting carries an immense collection of Ceiling Lighting such as Chandeliers, Pendant Lighting, Modern Pendant Lighting, Traditional Pendant Lighting, Vintage Pendant Lighting, Foyer Lanterns, Island Lights, Flush Mounts, Semi Flush Mounts, Track Lighting, Cable Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Indoor Spot Lights, Lighted Pot Racks, and Ceiling Medallions.

Design and Installation of Kitchen Island Lighting

Aside from being decorative pieces, Kitchen Island Lighting can serve an important purpose in the kitchen. The kitchen countertop bar or kitchen island is a popular feature in many homes for simple everyday meals, breakfasts, lunches, but some also sit at the island while entertaining guests. More often than not, the island is where a lot of the cutting and food prep work using sharp knives is done. As such, you should keep your island well-lit with kitchen island lights, as many important tasks like using sharp utensils and knives require good lighting. It is easier and much safer to prepare food or drinks in a well-lit island countertop. This reduces the risk of injuries, which usually happens when you can’t clearly see what you’re doing in your work space.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

When thinking about purchasing Kitchen Island Lighting, make sure to choose one for your kitchen that is proportionate in size with the room. For a larger kitchen island, choose a larger fixture, or numerous fixtures. For a small island, choose just one smaller Kitchen Island Light fixture. You should also make sure that the light fixture you are getting matches your home décor. The professional staff of Capitol Lighting’s can help you choose the best Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures for your space.

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