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In the past, most people considered the kitchen as merely a place where they store and prepare food. People do not give much thought in choosing the decor and lighting fixtures in this room. Fortunately, things have changed over the years, as the kitchen has become a focal point in the home. Some even spend more time in their kitchens compared to other parts of the home. The kitchen bar or island is a popular feature in many homes. It is a place where you can entertain guests and friends. You should keep your island well lit as you do several tasks in this area of the kitchen. It is for this reason that island lights have become more popular. Aside from being decorative pieces, they serve an important purpose in the kitchen.

Reasons to Get Island Lighting

It is easier to prepare food or drinks in a well-lit kitchen counter or island. This reduces the risk of injuries, which usually happens when the room doesn’t have enough light.

The elegant designs of island lights give your kitchen a distinctive radiance, which makes it more appealing. You do not have to replace your furnishings and appliances to change the look of the room. Create a different look and feel for the kitchen by simply adding island lights.

The Different Kinds of Island Lighting

Mini Pendants

These lighting fixtures are great in most parts of the home, including kitchen counters and islands. You can use them as stylish task lights. Install them in rows and you would feel like you are in a trendy bar or café. You can get mini pendants in various styles, makes, and colors. A metallic finish will look great in a contemporary home, while those with heavier detailing are awesome for conventional houses.


A kitchen island chandelier has a different style compared to the usual chandelier. It is more elongated to match the shape and design of most island bars or kitchen counters. This is ideal when you have a larger kitchen island because it provides maximum coverage. A single lighting fixture of this kind is usually enough to provide adequate light for your bar or island. Fewer lights mean less clutter, making your kitchen look cleaner.

Pot Racks

Did you know that there are lighted pot racks on the market? This is a unique lighting solution as it serves the dual purpose of a lighting system and storage for pots and pans. This feature is great for homes where space is limited.

How to Choose the Perfect Island Lighting

You can use different types of light fixtures as island lights. When choosing one for your kitchen, always consider the size of the kitchen and the island. You should also make sure that the light fixture you are getting matches your home décor. The professional staff of Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com can help you choose the best light fixture for your kitchen. Compare styles and prices of products from top manufacturers like Murray Feiss, Elk Lighting, and Savoy House. You can also shop for cabinet lighting, fans, and ceiling lights for the kitchen at Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com

The Correct Size and Placement for Ceiling Lighting
One of the biggest mistakes people make is not choosing the right sized chandelier for the room. View our 5 Biggest Mistakes Video to learn the basics for proper ceiling lighting sizing.

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