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Making a Statement with Kitchen Island Lighting

An Important Piece

A kitchen island light is at the centerpiece of one of the most important rooms of your home. Endless hours are spent preparing for great times, entertaining, and having those long conversations with family and friends right at your kitchen island. It is a popular spot for everyone who comes through your home, and your kitchen island lighting can make an impactful statement that people will remember.

Keeping up with kitchen island lighting trends can be a daunting task, though. There are so many styles for all kinds of homes, making it tough to narrow down at times. That is where we step in! Read on to discover the most important points for picking out the best kitchen island lighting to illuminate a meaningful spot in your home!

Everything You Need To Know To Find the Perfect Kitchen Island Lighting

Types of kitchen island lights – Your options for lighting up your kitchen island are seemingly endless. Many popular kitchen island lights top the “trending now” list. These can include kitchen pendants, kitchen chandeliers as well as hanging kitchen lights. Let’s explore what these types of lighting fixtures have to offer to help you get started on your kitchen island lighting project!

  • The Kitchen Pendant – Kitchen pendant lights typically hang from the ceiling by either a chain, wire or stem. They can be centered above your kitchen island to provide drama, flair, and light of course. There are many options for pendant lights to browse through, and it is important to understand your space parameters before choosing a fixture. Options include the dome, mini-cone, bulb or bowl style of pendant light. If you have a high ceiling and a large kitchen island, you may be able to go with a larger pendant or set of pendant light fixtures. If you space is smaller and more limited, you may want to choose a “mini” pendant option.
  • The Kitchen Chandelier – Depending on your home’s style and your taste, you’re bound to find kitchen island chandeliers as a popular option. No matter the style of your kitchen, you are bound to find a chandelier that will accent your taste with offerings in all different designs and materials. Aside from the look of a chandelier, it is also important to pay attention to the height at which it will hang. If you have a low ceiling or tall family members, you will want to be careful to take height into consideration
  • Hanging Kitchen Lights – From wrought iron to stainless steel, you have many choices in hanging lights. You may opt for mini bulbs that hang in a row of eight or a smaller quantity of larger hanging kitchen lights. You can add a subtle accent to your kitchen and a great source of light for the gathering at your kitchen island with this choice of fixture.

The kitchen island lighting tips you need to know

Of course, your next question is, what and how? What size lighting fixture is right for me and how far apart from each other should I hang them? Of course, we’ve got you covered!

  • What kitchen island light is right – Use fewer, larger lighting options for large islands with high ceilings overhead, and smaller more spread out lights for lower ceiling kitchens. It is important also to consider what happens at your kitchen island. If a lot of tall people sit there often, make sure you have smaller fixtures a little higher up. If you have a family master chef in your midst, make sure the light is bright enough for culinary needs.
  • Understanding how to layout your kitchen island lighting – Many factors will come into play regarding the layout of your kitchen island lighting, but there are a few general rules of thumb you can use as your guide. In most spaces, it makes sense to leave around 12″ – 18″ on each edge and in between fixtures. Your lights should, in most cases, be approximately 30″ – 36″ above your kitchen island.
  • Knowing what is best for YOU Be careful not to fall in love with a fixture that just doesn’t work for your kitchen when shopping around. Believe us, we have seen it. Save yourself some time and heartache by understanding what types of kitchen island lighting fixtures work for the type of kitchen and island you have.

Current trends in kitchen island lighting

Like any trends, lighting is constantly evolving. As you consider adding light to your kitchen island be sure to check out this list of the current hottest trends:

  • Show off your Mediterranean style – Using gold finish and curving lines, a Mediterranean fixture can add complementary texture to a warm, vibrant home.
  • Find your place of Zen with bamboo – Minimalistic, yet powerful – bamboo-based fixtures can bring out an organic sense of tranquility sure to catch anyone’s eye.
  • Add flair with art deco – This style brings together bold details and interesting materials. An Art deco style fixture will serve as a unique showstopper.
  • Keep things transitional – Simple and sophisticated, this style uses the contrast of curves and straight lines with a well-thought-out design. Adding this style of lighting would compliment a home of cozy, contemporary design.

Choosing the right lights for your home style

By taking a step back and assessing the big picture, you’ll be in a better position to determine the right kitchen island lights for your style. Consider elements and design factors to complement your kitchen’s look. For example, if you have a large kitchen island with neutral colors and minimal designs in your kitchen, a bold kitchen island light will add dramatic flair to your look. On the other hand, if you have busy patterns throughout your kitchen design, a more simple, subdued fixture would likely work best for your space.

Kitchen lighting serves many functions. While helping the chef see as they work, it also helps to set the mood for gatherings. Your island lighting is a focal point and, typically, at the center of it all. Using these tips and guidelines for kitchen island lighting, you should be in a prime position to create an amazing lighting plan for your space.

– The Capitol Lighting Team

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