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LED Pathway Lights

LED Pathway Lighting is the perfect way to light up any walkway, entrance, and driveway, while being environmentally friendly. Make sure that each step taken is a safe one with proper pathway lighting. LED Pathway Lights can transform a home’s landscaping, and are available from top name brands.

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LED Pathway Lighting of All Styles

Shop LED Pathway Lighting of All Sizes at Capitol Lighting's Introduction to LED Pathway Lighting

There is no better place to turn in your search for LED Pathway Lights than Capitol Lighting. LED pathway lights will bring style to any outdoor area while working smarter, not harder, cutting down on energy costs throughout the year. LED Pathway Lighting is a popular choice among many homeowners because of the many advantages of installing LEDs over regular-bulbs. LED lighting is efficient, lasting longer and shining brighter than any regular traditional lighting. LED Pathway Lighting, particularly in the late evening and at night after the sun sets, can really transform any home.

Different Types and Applications of LED Pathway Lighting

LED Pathway Lights are a specific type of pathway light; with the specific bulb type of LED. This type of bulb is energy efficient and cost efficient, saving you money as well as lasting longer than other traditional type bulbs. Pathway lighting should be kept concealed rather than out in the open; the fixtures themselves should generally go unnoticed. Instead, they should create an incredibly aesthetically pleasing look by enhancing walkways, entrances, patios, and serving as functional features to enhance things around them.

LED pathway lighting is available in long, thin LED bulb strips, wired into the ground, or as singular fixtures. LED Pathway lighting is meant for purposes like shedding light on darkened parts of walkways, front steps, driveways, backyards, and even patios. LED pathway lighting serves as a critical safety factor – avoid falls, help emergency personnel locate entrancesways, and deter burglars away.

LED Pathway lights range from $80 - $2,500, depending on the type of fixture. LED pathway fixtures are typically costly upfront compared to regular pathway lighting, but in the long run, the cost savings can be great. The LED bulb will outlast multiple regular bulbs life spans. Styles that are offered include side mount landscape pathway light, pierced dome landscape path light, with broad or hammered roofs over the lighting, or dome mushroom shaped. Outdoor LED pathway lights are available in both downlighting (shining down from above) and uplighting (lighting up from the ground). Capitol Lighting carries all the top name brands including Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, as well as Progress Lighting, Meyda Lighting, and Nuvo Lighting.

Design and Installation of LED Pathway Lighting

LED Pathway lighting can be installed to illuminate just about any outdoor area of the home, from front yards to driveways, walkways or patios, and are installed just as you would with regular pathway lighting, along the edges, in a location where you will uplight the walkway from the ground up. You may keep the wiring hidden underneath the ground for functionality and safety purposes.

How to Choose the Best LED Pathway Lighting

There is no part of the outdoors that Capitol Lighting cannot brighten up with LED lighting! Shopping for LED Pathway Lighting is easy- visit Capitol Lighting or stop by to see a showroom and speak with one of our experts. Choose from the following landscape lighting essentials: LED deck lights, LED outdoor spot lights, LED landscape lighting accessories, LED Deck Lights, LED flood lights, LED outdoor wall lights, and LED spot lights.

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