Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

For covered outdoor areas with high enough ceilings, a dramatic and welcoming statement is made with an Outdoor Hanging Pendant. From colonial to contemporary, Capitol Lighting has the right style for you.

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Outdoor Lanterns, Patio Lanterns and Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Outdoor Lanterns, Patio Lanterns and Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

You can create a nice ambience while providing illumination at the same time with outdoor hanging lanterns instead of flooding your outdoor living areas with bright, functional lights. You have seen them in old movies, in fancy restaurants and hotels. They may be something from the past, but they have never gone out of fashion. That is why you will still find them in many homes and establishments even with the vast outdoor lighting fixtures now available. Hang one in your porch and create a beautiful atmosphere that will make your visitors feel welcome.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Three factors to consider when shopping for the best outdoor hanging lanterns are size, style, and placement. The right size will provide the best lighting effects. For instance, a lantern that is too large for the given space may be too bright. Instead of appreciating its beauty, you will only get distracted with its brightness. Put simply, the size for the lantern must be proportionate to the size of the area.

The style of the lantern should also match the design of your home. It should enhance the aesthetic value of your home and not look out of place.

Consider also where you plan to place the lantern to achieve the best effects. Most people install hanging lanterns outdoors such as in the porch, patio or deck, but some use them for indoor lighting such as in foyers. There are three types of hanging lanterns. There’s the old-fashioned style that you light up with candles, those that are battery-operated, and those that run on electricity. If you are going to place it somewhere far from an outlet, a battery-operated lantern or a hanging candle lantern may be suitable.

Installation Tips

  • Plan ahead. Try to install the hanging lamp in various locations and see where it functions best. Consider every detail such as glare. If it is too bright, you may want to use a different bulb. If you think it is too dim, you can use a bulb with higher wattage or consider adding more lights. It doesn’t have to be a hanging lamp. You can use other outdoor lighting fixtures, such as ceiling pendants and wall sconces that will complement your hanging lantern.
  • Do not install your hanging lantern from the ceiling too tightly. You might want to move it to another location in the future. It will also be easier to remove it if it needs cleaning or replacement. Use a hook instead of nailing it so you can easily take down the lantern if necessary.
  • Follow the necessary safety precautions upon installation. Keep it far from combustible materials, as these lights may get too hot, depending on the bulb you choose. The beauty of lanterns is that the light source itself is enclosed. But you can never be too certain these days.
  • Capitol Lighting 1800lighting.com, with its vast collection of lighting fixtures, can make any home look brighter and inviting. Want to make your create an ambience for your outdoor space? Choose from the unique designs of hanging lanterns, outdoor wall lights, post lamps and more. For your kitchen, they have island lights and lighted pot racks to give your kitchen a trendy feel. They also have bulbs, recessed housing and recessed lighting trim so you do not need to search elsewhere to find what you need.

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