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May 3, 2014

Lighting Tips

How to Install an Outdoor Hanging Lantern

If you want to add charm to your home’s exterior lighting, use outdoor hanging lanterns. There are several styles to suit any theme and budget, and you don’t need to hire an expert to have your hanging lanterns mounted. All you need is to determine which area you want to accentuate and someone who can assist you in performing certain steps in this project. Here are the steps in installing an outdoor hanging lantern:

Step #1: Preparing for the Installation

Select an exterior hanging lantern that is safety-rated for outdoor use. Make sure that you turn off the power at the main switch before starting with this project. Use a voltmeter to check if the power has indeed been turned off. If you are replacing an existing light fixture on the ceiling or the surface where the outdoor hanging lantern will be mounted, remove this.

Step #2: Outlet Box Inspection

Check the outlet box and make sure that its capacity can support the total weight of the hanging lantern that you are going to install. If the light fixtures that you will be mounting are relatively light, you may use a plastic box. However, if you will be installing heavy light fixtures, then you will need to use a metal box instead to ensure that the hanging fixture does not fall off.

Step #3: Mounting Strap Installation

Installing a mounting strap is optional. If, however, the outlet box does not have a center stud, then you will have to install this piece of mounting hardware. Make sure that you secure the mounting strap firmly.

Step #4: Lighting Fixture Assembly

Before wiring the hanging lantern fixture, take the fixture from the package and assemble all of its parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step #5: Wiring the Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Inspect the wiring on the light fixture. Check the top portion or the part that connects the fixture onto the outlet box on the ceiling. Check the wiring schematics that were provided by the manufacturer and carefully follow the instructions for wiring. Generally, this step will involve the splicing of the black wire on the fixture to the black wire on the outlet box. Use wiring nuts to connect these two wires together. Next, splice the white wires the same way you spliced the black wires. Connect the bare wire or the green wire from the outlet box onto the green wire that’s on the light fixture. Lastly, connect the green wire onto the ground screw or the mounting strap. Ensure that these are securely connected by placing the wiring nuts on all the wiring connections. Insert the wires into the power box.
Step #6: Light Fixture Installation

Install the light fixture by slithering the escutcheon plate on the wire dangling on the ceiling and screw the light fixture onto the ceiling. Make sure that the light is securely positioned in the ceiling before you turn on the power supply. Test the outdoor hanging lantern by switching the power back on.