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Mar 12, 2013

Archived Lighting Tips

Capitol’s Expert Advice: Installing Undercabinet Lighting

In our last post we discussed the advantages to having undercabinet lighting in your kitchen. You read it and were so impressed that you can’t wait to run out to your local Capitol Lighting showroom and buy some. After the enthusiasm passes you may be left asking yourself how to go about making such a smart decision. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

•             Measure the length of space under the cabinet(s) where illumination is desired, and then select the style and type of fixture(s) you will need to provide a uniform evenly distributed light along the length of your cabinetry.

•             Consider single spotlights for smaller spaces.  Sometimes referred to as “puck” or ”disc” lights, these lighting fixtures provide soft pools of light for smaller spaces:  One puck light is sufficient for cabinets that measure 6-10 inches in length.  The standard rule of thumb for disc light installation is to employ at least one fixture about every 6 inches and space fixtures evenly along the length of the cabinet for the best illumination and a uniform appearance. *

•             For larger spaces with more cabinetry, undercabinet strip lighting is recommended. One or more striplights should provide uniform illumination along the entire length of the areas you wish to highlight.

•             Xenon lights are not quite as energy efficient and emit some heat, but they have full dimming capabilities and provide an attractive warm light similar to incandescent.

•             Fluorescent or LED fixtures are the most energy efficient.  They also provide the coolest option, especially important in cabinets where food storage or hazardous chemicals should be kept away from heat.

•             LED fixtures are the most energy efficient option.   Although most LEDs cannot be dimmed, some fixtures have a hi-lo switch to adjust levels of brightness. LEDs are cool to the touch and will last up to 50,000 hours.

•             When under cabinet lighting is being used for task lighting it should be installed at or near the front of the cabinet. This position will provide the most glare-free, shadow-free illumination to help you work safely and efficiently.

•             When positioning single disc or puck lights to provide accent lighting over china or decorative pieces, fixtures may be centered and installed slightly away from the front edge of the cabinet for the most flattering illumination.

Now you’re ready to go out and make an educated purchasing decision.  Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep checking back for more helpful tips and tricks.
See you soon!