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Mar 20, 2013


Check Your Stairway Lighting for Safety

The stairs are an easily forgotten, functional part of most homes. They get you from upstairs to downstairs and back again, but who cares about the lighting on the stairs?

Stairs are the second most hazardous parts of a home (after bathrooms). Proper lighting can turn this trouble spot into a much safer area.

Stairs should be illuminated uniformly, with indirect lighting to reduce glare. A mini chandelier or close-to-ceiling fixture would be a good idea here.

If people who use the stairs can easily see each step, they are less likely to miscalculate and trip or fall.

Special attention should be paid to the landings, as well. The top and bottom areas that “bookend” the steps need to be adequately lit. Wall sconces are perfect for this application.

Be careful that, in your attempt to provide adequate lighting, you do not create glare from excessive brightness or exposed light bulbs. This can blind people on their way up or down.

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