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Mar 20, 2013


Create Light in Garden Settings with Lights for Outside and Garden Lighting from Capitol Lighting

Even when there aren’t blossoms to illuminate, you can shed some warmth into your home – and to those who see it from the outside – by adding a little Garden lighting. Lights for outside are a great way to accent your homes best features and create light in garden areas.

As you consider what kind of lighting to install, think about how lovely it would be to have dinner and look out beyond your dining room window, at the warm twinkling of lights. For outside areas, it’s important to create light in garden areas without over illuminating your home.

The white outdoor lights that were part of holiday illumination are still cheerful after the holidays, too. Icicle lights are one option, or simple white lights outlining trees.

Less is more when it comes to winter lighting. Make sure the lighting you choose isn’t too bright – creating the opposite effect of what you want.

With proper garden lighting, you can direct attention to the parts of your garden that look dramatic and appealing when lit in winter. New dark sky compliant lights for outside avoid light pollution while still creating light. In garden areas you want to be careful not to cast long ghostly shadows and instead provide flattering low-level garden lighting

Don’t forget the importance of pathway lighting, as both “wayfinding” and a safety measure in the winter, where there might be snow or ice on the path.

Be sure to consult a professional when planning a garden lighting project. These projects go beyond fixture selection; wiring and power transformers are just as important.

Check the temperature rating for any lighting you plan to use outside in the winter months. You will probably need to find an indoor plug for your lighting.