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Mar 20, 2013


Dimmers Ready. Come and Get It!

Few places in your home would not be better served with lighting on a dimmer switch.  Think of all the areas in which you need to vary the intensity of light according to your mood or activity level.

In bathrooms, dimmer switches allow you to create a night light with easy morning transitioning to full brightness.  Also, light adjustments accommodate performance and pleasure going from make-up application to relaxing in the tub.

In dining areas, dimmers adjust lighting from soothing illumination during dinner hour to higher intensity for homework and clean up.

In the den, living room, or bedroom, dimmers provide for varying lighting applications to suit your activity level, whether it be watching TV, playing a board game, or reading a book.

Installing dimmer switches or investing in dimmable portable lamps is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the quality of your light and the quality of your life.

Be Served with the Latest in Dimmable Portables.  Experience Peak Performance and Pleasure with Adaptable Illumination.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for the best in home lighting alternatives and feast your eyes on these delectable dimmable designs:

-The “Hearst Castle”  Torchiere Lamp from Ambience available in a resplendent Morgan gold finish.
-The “Firefly” collection from Oggetti Luce available in satin nickel with 3 glass options.
-Holtkotter’s Contemporary Wall Swing Lamps available in 6 different finishes and seven glass options including alabaster white and magma red.
-The “Funnel “Collection from Kovacs featuring contemporary-modern torchiere lamps available in black or white.