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Nov 22, 2014

Archived Lighting Tips

The Hong Kong International Light Fair: Sweet 16 and Green!

Highlights from Hong Kong International Light Fair (HKILF) include exciting new products for boosting energy-efficiency to new heights in home and office illumination.   As the largest autumn light fair in Asia, the HKILF introduces new items from home appliances to maintenance-free landscape lighting and novel LED products.

HKILF image

image from HKILF*

The Hong Kong International Light Fair continues to grow and gain recognition as the world’s most important platform for introducing novel lighting designs and new energy-enriched products.

The 16th edition of the HKILF (Autumn Edition) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre attracted 180,000 global buyers.* and was the most well-attended, as well as the biggest on record.

“Last year, the four-day event attracted 2,360 exhibitors from 38 countries and regions and produced strong visitor turn-out, with more than 38,000 buyers from 144 countries and regions in attendance.”– october 2014

Show highlights include:

• Energy-efficient, eco-friendly “LED and Green Lighting Zones” looking to meet international sustainability requirements.

• New Product Platforms

• Information Exchange Platforms

• New Trends and Styles

–LED and “green” lighting products are expected to see the highest sales growth in 2015.*

–Retail prices of LED lamps are expected to drop by 8 percent by the end of 2015.*