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Mar 20, 2013


Secure Your Home with Outdoor Wall Lights and Post Lights from Capitol Lighting

Boost your Home’s Value with Top Quality Outdoor Wall Lights and Post Lamps

·         Contemporary-modern outdoor wall lights and post lamps from the “Atlantis” collection.

·         Traditional outdoor wall lamps, flush mounts and post lanterns from the “Edgewater” collection.


Increased eye appeal:

  • Show off the beauty of your home after dark.
  • Highlight favorite flowers and shrubs.
  • Dramatize trees, pool, fountain, and masonry texture.
  • Accent statuary and other focal points.
  • Illuminate your patio or deck to provide a backyard haven for night time relaxation and entertaining.

Increased security and value:

  • Good lighting on steps, walks and driveways helps avoid accidents.
  • Floodlighting and automatic operating devices deter prowlers and vandals.
  • Grounds which are dramatically lighted at night appear more luxurious, increasing the resale value of your property.

Planning the perfect landscape…

-Conceal the light source behind shrubs, etc., where possible—except when the fixture itself is a decorative element.

-Don’t overlight—besides creating “light pollution” too much light does not bring out the best in your landscape design.

-Be creative and add depth with a mixture of lighting techniques.

-Arrange for an automatic device to turn lights on and off, such as a timer of photocell.

-Be considerate of your neighbors-aim lights so they do not shine into their windows.

With the right outside home lighting, you not only add beauty and elegance to your home’s exterior, but you also add safety and security to your home’s driveway, walkways, and lawn areas.  Illuminate your home’s entry with outdoor wall lights or sconces and flank your walkway with post lights for safety.  Consider adding solar post lights to your landscape lighting to save electricity and money.

Whatever outside home lighting fixtures you require for you landscape lighting, Capitol Lighting is your shopping destination.  Browse their extensive selection of outside home lighting fixtures, from outdoor wall lights and sconces to post lights and lanterns, and find the perfect fixtures to arm your home’s exterior.

Get professional results; visit a Capitol Lighting showroom for expert assistance.