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Mar 20, 2013


Where is Love, It Just May Fall From Skies Above. Bring in the Sunshine with New Lighting Fixtures

“You can tell when you open the door.  You can tell if there’s love in a home…by the shine and the glow of the room.”—Johnny Mercer from the Broadway show “Li’l Abner”

The right lighting may be just what you need to bring in the love.  Experts at Capitol Lighting offer the following advice to keep the heart of your home shining brightly:

-Bulb selection is as important as choosing and placing the right fixtures.  Color qualities, light distribution, and maintenance costs are all heavily dependent on the type of lamp that is required.

-Update your lighting closer to full-spectrum for illumination that is like real sunshine. The best lighting design is provided with cross-illumination and lighting controls to create a natural healthful glow upon your complexion and bring out the true colors in home décor.

-Latest lighting designs include eco-friendly, energy-efficient halogen, fluorescent, and LED (light emitting diode) lamps.

Bring Back that Lovin’ Ceiling

Forget the old practice of installing a basic recessed lighting grid plan.  Homes for 2011 are employing a more versatile lighting strategy with fixtures uniquely designed to exude personal taste and style.

Show off the best in your home environment with superior chandeliers, flush fixtures, mini-pendants, and sophisticated track systems.  Decorative torch lamps, too, may elevate the quality of light in certain rooms of your home.

Visit a Capitol Lighting showroom during their Valentine’s Day sales event to share the love and revitalize the light.

Capitol Lighting…the closest you’ll get to sunshine indoors.