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Bathroom Lighting: Where Great Ideas Come to Light!

How many times do you come up with that “Aha!” idea or unconsciously brainstorm in the shower, while soaking in the tub, while preparing for your day at the bathroom mirror? Here are some energy-saving solutions to make your bright ideas even brighter with the best bathroom lighting from Capitol Lighting.

Energy Smart Solutions for Bathing in the Light

  • Learn the difference between watts and lumens. Watts are a measure of energy consumption and lumens are a measure of light output.  New light bulb cartons are required to list the lumen output as the true measure of light bulb “brightness.”-For task lighting at the mirror, you will need bright shadow-free illumination around 1600 lumens+ similar to that provided by a traditional 100-watt incandescent light bulb.-Energy Smart-qualified CFL’s, light emitting diode (LED’s), and halogen incandescent give you a wide range of energy saving options now available in a variety of colors, bulb types, and light levels.
  • Make the most of color palettes and opt for lighter shades.  Pastels and light colors reflect, rather than absorb light so you will enhance illumination and make the most of your decorative home fixtures if you stick to lighter colors in the bathroom.
  • Work with ‘layers of light.” “Layers” of light refers to three levels of illumination: General, task and accent lighting. While the master bath may be larger with more spa-like amenities, the children’s bath simpler and more functional, and the powder room more of a decorative statement, priority should be given to task lighting for grooming at the mirror.-General illumination may be more subdued when you provide plentiful illumination at grooming stations.  For dusk to dawn control, consider adding an adjustable lighted make-up mirror to the vanity area.-For task lighting at the mirror, energy-saving halogen or fluorescent light of good color quality is now widely available and can provide high levels of illumination.

    -For general, accent and/or night lighting–LED strip lights are excellent.  They are slender and compact for toe kick and cove lighting to give a more upscale appearance. LED strips produce almost no heat, are more energy efficient and incur less maintenance than incandescent or fluorescent.

  • Invest in automated controls for energy-savings, safety and security.  Lighting and dimming switch controls give you dawn to dusk control and allow you to power up illumination for grooming tasks and soften lighting for relaxation.Dimming switch devices provide low-level night-light and an easeful morning transition to bright light, giving your eyes a chance to adjust.

    -Used frequently, automated and dimming switch controls save on energy costs, extend bulb life and give you dusk to dawn control of your bathroom lighting.

  • April showers…bring on the best bathroom lighting innovations:-“Rain” and “Raindrops” from Varaluz Lighting, transitional creations in Hammered Ore or Rainy Night finishes and Recycled Hand-pressed Rain glass.

    -“Aspen” Energy Smart Bath Vanity Light by Access Lighting in Brushed Steel with Opal glass.

    -“Piastrella” Bath Art from Minka Lavery features Mosaic Tile glass and chrome, available in energy-saving “halogen” incandescent.

For more energy-saving ideas and to view the best designer bathroom lighting and accessories, visit a Capitol Lighting showroom or shop