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How to Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Go from stark to vibrant with the right selection of bathroom lighting.

The bathroom is clearly an essential element in any home, but it does not have to be strictly utilitarian. You can upgrade your bathroom for a more inviting, spa-like atmosphere that makes a clean break from the porcelain lavatories of the past. One important aspect of a warm, welcoming atmosphere is artful bathroom lighting, and offers contemporary bathroom lighting ideas that help you upgrade from stark to sumptuous.

Bath Vanity Lighting for a Brighter Outlook

When you stand before the bathroom mirror, you want a clear, unobstructed view so you can cleanse, shave or apply makeup as effectively as possible. That means your lighting must be direct and unobstructed. However, if you have experienced bathroom mirror lights that are either too dim or too bright, you know that the direction and strength of the lighting is just as important as the positioning.

Our Hinkley Lighting bath vanity lighting fixtures shine their light from above the mirror directly where you need it. For bright illumination, select bathroom wall lights with several downward-facing fixtures. For more diffuse, flattering illumination, select bar lights that have fully covered bulbs or upward-facing shades.

A savvy idea for bath vanity lighting is mounting sconce fixtures at eye level on either side of your vanity mirror. A sconce is a type of bathroom wall light that typically features just one or two bulbs. You will usually find sconces as part of a larger design line on Such suppliers as Elan lighting, Maxim Lighting and others offer sconces in their collections. Simply click on a lighting style you like to see the fixtures available.

If you have a double vanity or need an especially strong light source, look for wider fixtures with multiple bulbs. Bars up to four feet in length with seven or eight separate bulbs will light up a sizable space, and offers several styles to choose from.

Statement Lighting for Spa-like Luxury

Opulent ceiling fixtures have recently become popular components of luxury bathroom decor. If you have high ceilings or plenty of space, consider selecting a crystal chandelier from to mount above your vanity or soaking tub. It will wash you in warm, soothing beams that transform your daily routines into mini spa getaways.

For the smaller bathroom that begs for a touch of luxury, you can choose mini chandeliers from such manufacturers as Savoy House, Murray Feiss and Schonbek. You will be astonished at the transformation just a dash of elegance creates. You can even include crystal wall sconces for added opulence.

Task Lighting for the Bath

Task lighting is handy in the bathroom, whether you’re doing your nails or patching up a skinned knee. Even if you already have recessed bathroom spotlights in the ceiling, adjustable, freestanding lamps pour their light directly on the task at hand.

Place a statement lamp approved for wet areas on your vanity for those times you need extra light for delicate work. Also, place decorative lamps on dry surfaces in your bathroom, such as atop a linen cabinet or a table. Choose from popular brands such as Quoizel, Kenroy Home, Adesso, House of Troy and more at

Specialty Fixtures and Bathroom Decor

With a wealth of decorative styles ranging from the pineapple-shaped sconce lighting to cylinder-shaped bathroom light fittings, you’re sure to find the profile that complements your bathroom decor. Consider selecting a specific decorating theme that ties your bath decor together to convey the atmosphere you’re after. Some of your options include nautical, coastal, retro and traditional.

Savoy House, Elk Lighting and Kichler are great sources for themed light fixtures for your bath. Be sure to browse the entire selection at for more ideas if you don’t see what you are looking for right away.

When you brighten up your bathroom vanity with beautiful new fixtures from 1800lighting,com, the rest of your remodeling will fall naturally into place. The lighting sets the scene you envision, whether a pristine European spa setting or a warm, woodsy mountain cabin retreat. Get started by putting your bath in a whole new light with the help of

PRO TIP: Consider installing the correct size bath vanity lighting that allows your bathroom to be properly lit without being overpowered. That way, you can wake up more gradually in the morning without a blast of bright light, and you can enjoy the lighting in preparation for a relaxing bath or long, steamy shower.

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