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Kips Bay Showhouse: Krista + Home’s Lighting Vision for the Bathroom Lounge

Bathtub and Boudreaux Chandelier
Photo by Jonathan Gilbert

Whether it’s the dreary weather, a stressful job or just a messy house, everyone has a reason to escape. But where do you go? This time of year, the Kips Bay Show House in West Palm Beach is a great option to get out and get some amazing design inspiration!

About Kips Bay Show House

The Kips Bay Decorator Show House has become a tradition in New York City, where one luxury Manhattan home is transformed into an exhibit of elegant home furnishings, flooring, artwork and lighting trends. This has been an annual charity event since 1973, when it was created to raise funds for much-needed afterschool programs at the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

The idea took off and quickly became a sought-after project for the nation’s top interior designers and a stage for showcasing the latest styles. In the past four decades, this initiative has raised over $21,000,000 for Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, which has benefitted more than 10,000 children throughout the Bronx.

In 2018, this tradition took over West Palm Beach with the first annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach. Lucky for you, it’s happening again in sunny South Florida and we have behind-the-design access to one of the masterminds of the Kips Bay Show House 2019 – Krista Watterworth Alterman. We celebrated Krista during International Artist Day, but now you get to appreciate her talent in person, but only for a limited time.

Marble bathtub and Boudreaux chandelier by ELK Lighting
Photo by Jessica Glynn

Trending at Kips Bay Show House 2019

The Kips Bay Show House Palm Beach is a fully renovated home at 6215 South Flagler in West Palm Beach, Florida. In total, 22 top designers decorated this 10,000 square-foot Mediterranean home in a mere four months. Every room has been touched by a professional and infused with vibrant patterns, colors and innovations you’ve only imagined in your dreams.

Below are some of the interior design trends you can expect to see at this year’s exhibit:

Bountiful texture:

In nearly every room of this house, the Kips Bay designers added layers-upon-layers of texture. In the dining room, David Scott laid down a green leather area rug that mimics a freshly mowed lawn. Meanwhile, the living room was bolstered with blue in varying shades and patterns. And in the study, you’ll find texture on the floor, walls and ceiling. The bold floral wallpaper actually continues up and onto the ceiling, while also overflowing onto the couch cushions below. The combinations of texture in each space are as surprising as they are stunning.

Living walls:

Living walls aren’t just for Instagram backdrops. The Kips Bay Show House in Palm Beach is, well, living proof that residential homes can adopt this organic trend. Welcoming you to the magnificent home is a winding master staircase that is warmed up by a blanket of living greenery. The no-maintenance living wall seamlessly flows with all the other nature-inspired elements, including the two-story birdcage, coral-stamped stair runner and mint green floral wallpaper.

Neutral simplicity:

The kitchen, family room and master bedroom are all shining examples of how neutral color schemes are worth your consideration. Far from beige, these designs are sophisticated with a touch of beachside breezy. In the family room, David Phoenix added varying shades of neutrals that would visually lead you to the adjacent courtyard. In the kitchen, it’s all crisp without the stark. Inspired by European sensibility, Vasi Ypsilantis incorporated off-white cabinets, crown molding and walls. It’s counter-balanced with light-wood cabinetry, matte black drawer pulls and a sleek black countertop.

Bathroom Lounge:

Of course, the entire house is a sight to see, but there’s one particular room that stands out for its look as much as its function. That room is the master bath. Krista and her team at KRISTA + HOME reinvented the bathroom. This is no longer the space where you brush your teeth and blow dry your hair. Krista’s creative mind turned the bathroom into a bona fide lounge. In true lounge fashion, this room is where you want to begin and end your night out. You can sip Champagne in the marble-enclosed soaker tub, pick out your clothes from the custom cabinetry and put on makeup at the well-lit bathroom vanity.

Boudreaux Large Pendant by ELK Lighting
Photo by Jonathan Gilbert

Krista’s design showcases a modern palette with brass, black, and white with a gorgeous deep green accent wall. At Capitol Lighting, we are proud to be her lighting provider for this project and supplied her with all of the fixtures for this bathroom lounge. We were able to get an inside look at how she went about picking these beautiful pieces to complement her vision for this space. It’s everything you want and then some, which is why we wanted to share everything we know about the design with you.

Behind the Design with Krista Watterworth Alterman

Photo by Jessica Glynn

Krista worked closely with Capitol Lighting to achieve that laid-back space she dubbed “Le Bubble Lounj.” Here’s what she had to say about her experience, her inspiration and how she feels about the end result.

Capitol Lighting: What was the inspiration for this bathroom design?

Krista Watterworth Alterman: The inspiration for the space came from starting date night early, while getting ready. My husband and I have a standing date night every Friday; and we love to have the sitter come early, put on music and have a cocktail while we are getting ready to go out.

Photo by Jonathan Gilbert

CL: Why do the fixtures you chose work so well for this space?

KWA: I wanted to create a lounge-like feel. I thought these beautiful light fixtures were perfect, because they have a bubble-like quality. Coincidentally, this style of lighting is very current and on-trend. I have put similar lighting in clients’ homes and I love the look.

Photo by Jonathan Gilbert

CL: How would you define the style of these fixtures?

KWA: They are definitely contemporary and the geometric sphere shape gives them a modern look. That being said, I think they could work in many different spaces. I love mixing styles, and much of my design work has traditional elements mixed with a contemporary vibe. To me, these pieces are really works of art. I would call this statement light, for sure.

Photo by Jonathan Gilbert

CL: What advice do you have, overall, on lighting a bathroom or dressing area?

KWA: Practicality is just as important as style. You need sources that will provide a lot of light as you are putting on makeup and choosing clothing. In “Le Bubble Lounj,” there is an abundance of lighting, including two chandeliers, multiple sconces and even LED [lighting] under the cabinetry. Think about adding light sources in multiple places.

I also love to install dimmers so you can control the mood of the lighting and add a level of brightness that is needed. For example, when I take a bubble bath, I like to relax and light candles. So I would turn all of the lights down.

Finally, think outside the box! Sometimes, a chandelier that you would think of for a dining room makes a beautiful statement in a bathroom.

Get the Look

Want to live like you’re always headed to the spa? Start by creating the ultimate master retreat, complete with lighting from “Le Bubble Lounj.” These are the bathroom light fixtures KRISTA + HOME chose for the 2019 Kips Bay Show House in Palm Beach, Florida:

Bathroom mirror and vanity with Turenne wall sconces by Visual Comfort
Photo by Jessica Glynn

“I really love working with Capitol Lighting to source my lighting for residential projects. They have so many great options for working with designers, including onsite assistance with the electrical installation,” says Krista. “We could not have finished this project on time without [them].”

Watch a quick video on Krista + Home’s inspiration for “Le Bubble Lounj” at the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in Palm Beach.