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Set the Mood With These Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Does your bedroom look more like a laundry mat than a love shack? This space should be reserved for you and your significant other. It’s where you go to get away from the chaos, chores, and children. If your room is not quite at that level, add a dash of passion with these romantic bedroom lighting ideas. You’ll be surprised how the mood shifts by changing just one accent piece in your room.

Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Are Quick and Flexible

Whether you’re hesitant to make big changes or you’re gearing up for a last-minute Valentine’s Day surprise, these quick-and-easy lighting ideas are the perfect solution. They don’t require much time to put in place. And if you don’t like the look, it can come down as quickly as it went up.

1. Hang string lights.

String lights have exposed bulbs that line the length of a delicate wire. They’re popular with homeowners as patio lighting fixtures. Trendy cafes also use them to create a canopy over their outdoor seating. And, of course, they do this because it creates a nice, intimate setting. When the sun goes down, it looks like you’re eating under the stars. Now, imagine that same twinkling star effect in your bedroom. Romantic, right?

To capture those butterfly feelings, hang string lights on your headboard. Or, use them in place of a headboard. String lights would be especially fantastical draping over a four-poster bed.

2. Add accent table lamps.

There are two ways accent table lamps can spice up your bedroom design. For one, they add a layer to your ambient lighting scheme. If you only have one main fixture, your choices are limited (unless you have a dimmer, which we’ll discuss later). Having accent table lamps on your nightstand or dresser, however, allows you to turn the lights down low – to just one flickering bulb for a truly romantic mood.

The right table lamp also dresses up your space. When your bedroom has a defined sense of style, you tend to take the space more seriously. Use these fixtures to set the tone for romance, and your mind will quickly follow suit.

Bertram Table Lamp in white adds texture to a neutral white bedroom with chunky furniture | Capitol Lighting

Bertram Table Lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting

With its wide lamp shade and abstract base, the Bertram Table Lamp will not go unnoticed on your nightstand. It will, however, add dimension and texture to your space, which is a sophisticated design decision. This lamp might actually be the starting point for a total room renovation.

3. Set the mood with color bulbs.

If you already have bedside lamps you love, keep them and simply swap out their bulbs. You could choose novelty light bulbs or modernize your space with an energy-efficient smart bulb. Smart LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and can be set to a full spectrum of colors. Warm colors, like red and orange, are very inviting. They will set your bedroom ablaze and make you look good at the same time. These warmer tones are actually quite flattering. So don’t be surprised if you feel a boost of confidence in the bedroom.

Cooler colors, like blue or purple, can be dreamy, as well. They tend to create an out-of-this-world setting, which can stimulate your senses in all kinds of ways. The best part is a little bit of color goes a long way. Two table lamps’ worth is plenty.

Of course, you don’t have to limit color lights to your table lamps. Installing smart LED strips around the base of your bed or around the perimeter of the room is another option. Like the smart bulbs, you can change colors every day, if you want. Turn them red or orange and watch your bed catch fire.

Another way to add color is to swap the bulbs in your ceiling fixtures. Changing bedroom chandeliers might be too much – or too cumbersome. But you can certainly change the look of wall sconces or hanging pendants. These fixtures tend to be easier to reach and usually only need one bulb.

Romantic bedroom lighting idea: use 2 Asher Mini Pendants to flank your wood headboard | Capitol Lighting

Asher by Kichler Lighting

The Asher mini pendant is the perfect ceiling light for color bulbs. Its perforated metal core diffuses light, which helps the color reach further. Plus, it has that sleek, polished look that makes any bedroom feel like a grownup space.

Eve Cage pendant by Frederick Ramond hangs in modern bedroom like a dramatic piece of art | Capitol Lighting

Eve Cage Pendant by Frederick Ramond

Add drama on top of drama with the Eve Cage Pendant by Frederick Ramond. When you swap the bulbs in this pendant for something colorful, the clear crystal buds will bounce the light and enhance the effect.
You might even get an interesting light show, thanks to the pendant’s abstract cage design.

Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas That Will Last a Lifetime

More established homeowners – and more established couples – might be ready for a long-term lighting play. The following romantic bedroom lighting ideas are not necessarily permanent. They do, however, require additional time and resources to install, a larger investment and a developed sense of style.

1. Install a dimmer switch

Dimmer switches are a designer’s best friend – and they should be yours, as well. They give you total control of the room’s mood, which is no more important than in your romantic couple’s retreat. After all, turning the lights down low is a universal sign for romance. You’ve seen it in the movies and have probably done by instinct yourself. And, the truth is, it works. As soon as the light softens, your entire body feels at ease.

Dimmer switches won’t just save your love life, though. Dimming a light fixture also saves energy, which can lower your electric bill. Sometimes, being savvy is sexy.

Matte black Adorne dimmer switch allows for completely customized romantic bedroom lighting | Capitol Lighting

Adorne Dimmer by Legrand

When it comes to dimmer switches, the Adorne dimmer options by Legrand are some of the most innovative. Their designs are subtle and sophisticated. But more than that, the technology is seamless. You can dim your lights with just the tap of a finger.

2. Hang a dramatic ceiling fixture

Ceiling lighting in a bedroom can take a variety of forms. In addition to hanging pendants, you have the choice between a chandelier, a flush-mount light or a ceiling fan. Yes, a ceiling fan can add a touch of romance to your room. In fact, each of these ceiling fixtures can dramatize your space when you know what to look for. So, let’s review:

Chandeliers are, perhaps, the most obvious choice. What makes these pieces especially dreamy are curves, quality materials and fine, elegant details. Romantic chandeliers are not too chunky or too dark. They tend to offer a lighter, loftier feel and are full of grace. The key to bedroom chandeliers is making sure you have enough ceiling height to accommodate their presence.

For those with lower ceilings, flush-mount lights are a better choice. Ones with opaque glass shades help soften the light, creating a warm glow over your bed. You’ll also want to be mindful of the shape and finish of your fixture. Round and robust is more provocative than square and edgy. Meanwhile, stick with polished metal finishes, so your flush mount will shine a little bit.

Again, the shape and finish of a ceiling fan will largely determine its romantic impact. Unlike flush mounts, though, ceiling fans with squared-off blades are simply stunning. In fact, sleeker fan styles tend to be the most attractive, because they let other features in your room stand out. This also means you’ll want to look for glossy white, matte black and polished chrome finishes.

With crystal strands, the Chrysalita Chandelier is a quintessential romantic bedroom lighting idea | Capitol Lighting

Chrysalita Chandelier by Schonbek

The Chrysalita is the queen of romance with its beautiful curves and exquisite crystal strands. Even though it has multiple layers, this chandelier won’t weigh down a room – quite the opposite. In fact, all those crystals create a prism, shining a beautiful rainbow of colors onto your bedroom walls, floor and ceiling.

Studio Vc Country Chandelier hangs in the center of a four-poster bed to set the mood Capitol Lighting

Studio Vc Country Chandelier by Visual Comfort and Co.

It may have a rustic style, but this country-inspired chandelier feels like a princess crown. It will literally top off your romantic bedroom design with its delicate curves and pointed candles. The Belgian white finish is weathered, but light enough so you appreciate the fine lines and finials.

The Feiss Pave Flush Mount in polished nickels adds warm yellow glow over gray-toned bedroom | Capitol Lighting

Feiss Pave Flush Mount by Generation Lighting

The white Shantung silk shade might remind you of a thin curtain, where you can just make out the silhouette of someone on the other side. That’s the level of seduction you get with the Feiss Pave Flush Mount. The shade allows just enough light through, so you’re lured in by its warm, yellow glow.

The sleek Zeus Ceiling Fan in white lets a geometric rug and headboard be the bedroom’s focal point | Capitol Lighting

Zeus Ceiling Fan by Kichler Lighting

When things heat up in the bedroom, you can always cool them back down with the Zeus Ceiling Fan. Even if the blades aren’t turning, this contemporary design looks suave. Let the straight lines and simple three-blade design dress up your ceiling in a clean, modern way.

Love the One You Pick

Whether you’re decorating your bedroom for Valentine’s Day or just need a more grownup space, the lighting you choose will have a significant impact. Luckily, you have a range of romantic lighting options – everything from a quick fling with new bulbs to a long-term commitment with a ceiling fixture. After considering all your options, you’ll find the best match possible.