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Choosing the Best Chandelier for Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom have a view? No, not the one outside your window. Look up as you’re lying in bed. In an ideal world, you’d be gazing at an unobstructed star-sprinkled sky. In a reality that’s within reach, we’ll have to go with the next best option: bedroom chandeliers.

Bedroom chandeliers aren’t the same crystal ornaments you find in a large entryway or formal dining room. These are unique pieces of lighting that twinkle in the night and add ambiance during the day. If you find the right bedroom chandelier, you can rest assured it will turn your basic sleeping spot into a romantic retreat.

Let’s examine what sets apart bedroom chandeliers from their more commonplace counterparts.

The Benefits of Bedroom Chandeliers

Indeed, the visual impact of a bedroom chandelier is enough reason to fall in love with these fixtures. That said, it would be a shame to overlook their many other benefits. Bedroom chandeliers are a special lighting choice, because they:

  • Provide ambient lighting – Like any form of luxury lighting, chandeliers serve as the general light source for a room. Many of them feature multiple bulbs or have layers of reflective glass and metal that help cast light in all directions.
  • Set the mood – From a practical point of view, ambient lighting is a priority. But bedroom chandeliers can also be set on a dimmer switch, which allows you to adjust the level of illumination. Turn the lights down low, and you’ve instantly created a more intimate mood.
  • Serve as the focal point – A striking chandelier can serve as the lead design element in your bedroom. Look for something with an interesting aesthetic, such as an abstract shape or unique use of materials. On the other hand, a simple but oversized chandelier can also draw attention in the bedroom. Whichever way you go, make sure the fixture fits your overall style.
  • Save space – Because these fixtures hang from the ceiling, they don’t take up any extra floor or table space. A bedroom that’s short on square footage will especially benefit from a pair of chandeliers over each nightstand.
  • Hang anywhere – As previously mentioned, chandeliers have the unique ability to hang anywhere you need the light. This may be over your bedside table or dead-center in the middle of your room. Keep in mind, however, that the placement of your bedroom chandelier will largely influence the size you need.

Places to Hang Your Bedroom Chandelier

Before shopping for your bedroom chandelier, decide where exactly you want to hang this piece of lighting. Here are the hot spots to consider as well as some hanging parameters to help you find the right fixture:

Above your nightstands

Why: This frees up the very limited space you have on your bedside table.

How: Hang each chandelier 20 to 30 inches above your nightstand, so it offers the same level of lighting you’d get from a set of reading lamps. Typically, chandeliers above the nightstand are smaller fixtures all around.

In the center of the room

Why: Setting your chandelier in the center of the room gives it a stage for making a statement and illuminating the entire space.

How: The lowest point of your chandelier should be at least seven feet above the floor. This will dictate the overall size of your chandelier. Don’t be afraid of an oversized chandelier if your bedroom ceilings are higher than the standard eight feet or if you have a tray ceiling.

Over the bed

Why: You might get the most enjoyment out of your chandelier if it’s hanging directly over your bed. Lying in bed, you can gaze into those glimmering crystal balls and dream of a bright future.

How: Bed frames and mattresses greatly vary in height. The general rule is the chandelier should not hang lower than the top of your head when you’re kneeling on your bed. Also be mindful of sight lines, as you don’t want your light fixture blocking your view of the television or other features of the room.

Above a dresser or vanity

Why: Some areas of your bedroom need more lighting than others, such as a vanity, desk or dressing table. A chandelier can provide ample light to help you focus on the task at hand.

How: If it’s a desk where you’ll be reading, follow the same guidelines as a nightstand. For a vanity or dressing table, hang the chandelier 30 to 36 inches above the surface of the table. This will give you enough light to put on makeup or pick a blazer in the right shade of black.

Chandelier Trends That Belong in the Bedroom

Chandeliers come in a variety of sizes and styles that add interest to your 21st-century home. However, there are some specific trends in chandeliers that are best suited for the coziness of a bedroom.

Warm metals

While warm metals became trendy finishes in modern farmhouse kitchens and baths, they’re even more welcoming in the bedroom. Think of the soft, yellow glow you get when light shines off of a brass or gold base. This is exactly the temperature you want when you’re cuddled in bed on a cold winter’s day.

1. Solstice by Frederick Ramond

Fredrick Ramond Solstice Pendant

Between the brass finish and smoked glass rings, the Solstice chandelier is as warm and cozy as they come. It’s also quite versatile. The filament bulbs and metal hinges mesh well with industrial interiors, but the intersecting orb design is contemporary sleek. Hang one over your four-poster bed or get two, so you can illuminate your nightstands.


Updating a powder room or changing the light fixture in your foyer is a fairly simple undertaking. It’s a lot less convenient to make over your bedroom every few years. Choose a timeless chandelier, however, and you’ll feel as comfortable and committed as a long-term relationship.

2. Pave by Feiss

Feiss Pave Chandelier

At first glance, you can quickly spot that this is a timeless piece. It has a classic candelabra design in a polished nickel finish. But if you look closer, you’ll see a beautiful crystal inlay along the base that makes it a fitting fixture for a transitional style bedroom. Thanks to white silk shades, this chandelier will emit sufficient light all around your room. Consider hanging it in the very center, so you can have ample light when the sun goes down.

3. Aerin Sanger by Visual Comfort

Visual Comfort Aerin Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers aren’t going anywhere, and this one is no different. It may not have the classic wedding-cake tiers or delicate strands that drape like a necklace, but this 12-light chandelier still knows how to sparkle. Enjoy those round, reflective jewels directly over your bed so you can pretend the stars are shining right down on you.

Oversized fixtures

A chandelier greater than 30 inches wide can qualify as oversized. In a large entryway or vaulted living room, these fixtures would scale to fit. But in the four walls of a bedroom, oversized chandeliers make a statement. They say this is a luxurious space and it deserves to be accessorized accordingly.

4. Big Bang by Corbett Lighting

Corbett Lighting Big Bang Pendant

The Big Bang measures 60 inches wide, which is well beyond the definition of oversized. Being both big in size and big in creativity, this celestial, starburst chandelier will make a splash in your contemporary bedroom – even from high above. Notice, this fixture doesn’t hang very low from the ceiling, so you can position it right over your bed without any midnight mishaps. Or, center it in your room to mimic the symmetry of the circles.

Mixed materials

A mashup of materials – like wood and wrought iron or metal and glass – looks great in any room of your house. So why not put it in your bedroom? As long as your furniture and accessories complement your chandelier, there’s no reason not to enjoy an eclectic blend above your bed.

5. Asher by Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting Asher Mini Pendant

In this industrial-inspired fixture, an antique pewter mesh cylinder is enclosed in a clear glass bowl. Though very different materials in weight and texture, the two combined produce a pendant that’s actually quite simple. A pair of these over your nightstands won’t interrupt a clean aesthetic or be bulky in a small space.

6. Graffiti by Corbett Lighting

Corbett Lighting Graffiti Large Pendant

The winding ribbons that make up this chandelier have a silver leaf finish on one side and polished stainless steel on the other. The two-tone design brings the heat to this flame-like fixture. It’s a truly contemporary art piece that deserves the center of attention in the center of your bedroom.

Upgrade Your View

While the bedroom may not be commonplace for a chandelier, it’s actually one of the most deserving areas for these ornate ornaments. This is the one room in your house that should be a dreamy space, if not a complete couple’s retreat. And as you can see from these bedroom chandelier ideas, there’s a wide range of styles, materials and sizes to help you create just that. With this one simple change, you’ll have a room with a view you never want to leave.