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Jul 12, 2017

Bedroom Lighting by Room

Bedroom Lighting and Décor

Bedroom lighting and decor

A golden opportunity to see your space in a whole new light.

Your bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head at night. It might double as an entertainment center where you watch videos or listen to music, a cozy nook where you enjoy the latest bestsellers, a sanctuary where you go to wind down, and of course, a quiet, comfortable haven for sleep. With all these various uses, you need lighting that is just as versatile. Lighting for a bedroom should be multi-functional, and it should compliment your bedroom decor. You’ll find tons of illuminating ideas at

What is the Best Lighting for a Bedroom?

Depending on how you use your bedroom, your lighting array may include a ceiling fixture for general use, bedside reading lights, task lighting, and softer mood lighting. More and more, home decorators like you are building their entire decor for a bedroom around a lighting scheme. When you are shopping for the lighting of your dreams, look for fixtures that are:

• Adjustable for reading, video watching and relaxing

• Dimmable, especially the ceiling fixtures

• Have easily accessible controls

• Beautiful and vibrant

Adjustable bedside lighting is essential for your comfort and eyesight. Whether wall-mounted reading lights, table lamps, or floor lamps, you should be able to focus them on your own task at hand. Our selection of Visual Comfort wall-mounted swing lamps fit nicely with most bedroom decor, or choose statement pieces from such artisan manufacturers as Craftmade and Jonathan Adler, and build your bedroom look around them.

Ceiling Lighting for a Bedroom

When you are planning your lighting array, consider going rogue with ceiling fixtures. A central light comes in handy when you’re trying to find a matching sock, but when you think about how you use your personal space, you may realize that diversifying makes more sense. If you have a seating nook in your master suite, a small chandelier brings focused light down to a more utile level, plus you’ll find yourself basking in the romantic ambiance. Hinkley Lighting, Murray Feiss and Hubbardton Forge are just a few of our most popular designers of elegant mini chandeliers.

Another contemporary trend in bedroom lighting places your ceiling lights around the edges of the room rather than at the center. You could accomplish this with well-spaced wall sconces, recessed ceiling lighting or track lights. Cable-mounted fixtures from Tech Lighting offer the versatility you need when creating an integrated space. Suspend them across the room right above your headboard, and then position the heads to provide light where you need it. Place craftsman-style rail lights from Kichler above your bedroom dressing table or curvy Kovacs tracks above your chest of drawers.

Ultimately, your ceiling lighting depends upon the overall atmosphere you prefer in your bedroom, whether cool and contemporary, warm and calming, or bright and energizing. Of course, you can create different zones that fit all your moods. Key details you shouldn’t overlook include making sure your ceiling lights are dimmable, which can change the atmosphere of your bedroom in an instant, and arranging your lighting controls so that they are always at your fingertips. Legrand offers a great selection of wall switches and dimmers that are suitable for any ceiling light install. If you feel unbalanced without a centered ceiling fixture, consider placing a decorative fan in the middle of your ceiling for air circulation. You’ll find a full selection of ceiling lights, fans, and dimmers at

How Do I Properly Light a Bedroom?

With all the choices to consider in bedroom lighting, one of your best strategies for ensuring a fantastic result is advance planning. Some of the things to keep in mind as you sketch out your plan include:

• Your bedroom style

• The ways you use light

• Flexibility for changes in bedroom furniture arrangements

Lighting your bedroom is a golden opportunity to truly make a space your own, either as a couple or individually, and you should choose the fixtures that best suit your style. At 1800Lighting, we offer virtually endless options of fixtures in all different finishes, which makes it easy to find the correct lighting for any room.

PRO TIP: According to the theory of feng shui, your bedroom lighting should create a sense of harmony and healthy energy. During the day, let in plenty of natural light. At night, use your dimmer switches to achieve a balance of lighting that is neither too harsh nor too dim.

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