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How Do I Light Up My Kid’s Room?

Custom lighting for kids room

Create fun and functional living spaces for little ones

Customize your child’s room with whimsical fixtures that will entertain and delight them while providing adequate lighting for all their daily needs. Whether you’re designing a new nursery or updating your tween’s space, kids’ rooms require a different lighting concept than the rest of your home.

Children spend much of their time on the floor, requiring more low-level lighting than your other living spaces. Look to create additional opportunities for indirect lighting to accommodate their play style. Wall sconces, and ceiling mounted fixtures are good options because they create an even illumination throughout the room. The Philips Luminaires Kidsplace semi flushmount ceiling fixture will help lull your little ones to sleep with its timeless design of a man sitting on the moon. Made of environmentally ethical and child safe materials, you can feel good about this out-of-this-world lighting concept.

Harsh lighting can disrupt the sleeping patterns of small children so create a warm and gentle environment with soft lighting. Avoid floor lamps which could easily be knocked over and ensure you have a shade or other covering to keep kids from touching hot light bulbs. Stay away from fixtures with removable pieces or sharp edges if you have an infant or toddler in your home.

Take cues from the other rooms in your home and create a common thread throughout the house with stylish lighting including accent lamps and chandeliers. The Wildwood Ballerina figurines lamp fits a more traditional style and is available in silver with black finish.

A fun and friendly table lamp or night light can even be comforting for a kid who is afraid of the dark. The Sterling Industries Rocking Horse Table Lamp is available in Clancey Court finish with an off-white shade.

Children’s fixtures can double as décor and help you personalize the space for your individual child and their interests. The Lite Source Football table lamp and Pro Basketball ceiling fan from Craftmade Lighting are every mini sports fan’s favorites. They’re the perfect little accents for a playroom or bedroom.

The ELK Lighting Lightshow ceiling pendant works perfectly in the entry way of your child’s room, welcoming them into their private spaceship for sleep or play. The ELK Lighting Spaceman flush mount also makes a great addition to any kid’s bedroom or bathroom.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy and inviting space for your child or foster their imagination with fun themes for playing pretend, has the lighting designs, ceiling fans and decorative accessories that will make your child’s room their personal haven.

PRO TIP: Observe your child as they play, do homework and hang out with friends in their room. Identify the areas where lighting is most needed – it’s generally not the same as in other “adult” rooms in the house.

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