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Master Your Bedroom Lighting Style

Geo 18 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

Every room within a home has a specific purpose; however, a master bedroom can become a sort of hybrid room, serving many functions and a hidden place within the home to explore your true style. Carefully chosen bedroom lighting, furniture and bedding will help create a stylish place for you to retreat to and really unwind.

Master Bedroom Lighting Considerations

Radiant 17 Inch 1 Light LED Flush Mount by Access Lighting

When choosing master bedroom lighting fixtures, it can be easy to become literally dazzled by all the style options available. To help narrow your options down, the first thing you need to consider when conceptualizing your master bedroom lighting ideas, are practical matters:

Bedroom Size & Shape

Determine how best to work with the scale and shape of your master bedroom—tall ceilings, dark out-of-the-way corners, etc.—as well as any unique architectural details. Lighting that’s too small or too big for the space, or that creates disjointed pools of light, can grab attention for all the wrong reasons.

Needed Functionality

If you like to read in bed, watch TV or try on outfits in front of the mirror, you’ll want to have lighting that makes such tasks easier.

Light Layering

By addressing different functional needs and accentuating the room itself, you will also achieve proper light layering. The three lighting layers include ambient (general light), task (brighter and focused) and accent (indirect; shows off a room’s design details).

Master Bedroom Style

The lighting you choose should complement the existing design scheme in your master bedroom. Or it could be the inspiration piece for the new design scheme you want to create.

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas & Styles

The style of your master bedroom is up to you. Given the wealth of lighting designs available, that can be literally any style you desire. To help inspire you in your choice of master bedroom light fixtures, here are a few of the most popular bedroom styles.


Cielo 45 Inch 8 Light Chandelier by Corbett Lighting

A glam master bedroom is all about evoking a sense of luxury. To create a glam look in your space, you should incorporate:

  • Rich colors and lustrous metal finishes
  • A variety of plush textures
  • Sparkling, jewel-like elements

Complete the look of a glam space with decadent master bedroom ceiling light fixtures, such as the Cielo Chandelier by Corbett Lighting. As you can see here, the large chandelier fits the scale of this master bedroom while still adding plenty of drama and glitz.


Robert Sonneman Pluck LED Wall Swing Lamp by SONNEMAN

Modern master bedrooms are all about keeping things precise: lines, colors, and clutter. The major tenets of modern design include:

  • Clean lines
  • Innovative functionality/technology
  • Monochromatic tones (with strategic pops of color, as desired)

Modern master bedroom light fixtures should provide plenty of interest while still holding to the above rules. For example, a fixture like the Pluck LED Wall Swing Lamp by Sonneman does so with the clean, sweeping arc of its adjustable arm, a single finish throughout, and bright puck-shaped LED light.


Geo 18 Inch Large Pendant by Varaluz

History buffs, or anyone who appreciates the value of items that have been clearly made to last, will rest easy in an industrial master bedroom. To replicate the look, go for:

  • Rough-looking metallic, wood or masonry-like finishes
  • Details evocative of warehouse/factory/farmhouse machinery
  • Lighting with exposed bulbs

Lighting fixtures that show exactly what they’re made of—and how—are the perfect additions to an industrial design scheme. Take the Geo Pendant by Varaluz, with an open steel framework that shows its hand-forged construction with sophisticated, but still visible, welds.


Wish List Ace 27 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Troy Lighting

If you’re a free spirit, nature lover or similar, a boho master bedroom could be just the oasis you need. Boho style elements include:

  • Clean, yet soft lines
  • Natural materials
  • Muted colors and warm neutrals

The boho look is equally at home in an urban loft or a high desert ranch house. At the center, soft contemporary master bedroom ceiling light fixtures provide a fitting focal point. For example, round spheres and muted, yet still luxurious-looking, metal finishes make the Ace Chandelier by Troy Lighting an ideal complement to a boho space.


Ashleigh 29 Inch 10 Light LED Chandelier by Mitzi

With an eclectic master bedroom, you can technically mix-and-match any pieces you like, regardless of their design style. (But be careful not to let things get too cluttered!) An eclectic design scheme should:

  • Be best described as quirky or colorful
  • Feel like a curated collection of one-of-a-kind “found” pieces (i.e. while traveling, or at an antique shop) or heirlooms
  • Have an eye-catching mix of colors and shapes

Eclectic is a great option when you just can’t—or won’t—make up your mind. The pictured space shows an unapologetic mix of décor. With its grape-bunch-like cluster of glass spheres, the Ashleigh Chandelier by Mitzi by Hudson Valley has a playful form that makes this eclectic master bedroom feel complete.

Whatever your design style may be, it is one that you can show off to its fullest in the creation of your dream master bedroom. Just be sure to pick out the right lighting to really show off your space and make it a comfortable place to get away from the rest of the world.