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Shopping for Table Lamps

Factors That You Should Consider When You’re Searching for the Ideal Lamps

At, we provide table lamps that feature glass shades, LEDs, halogen bulbs, easy-to-use dimmers, transitional styles, rustic designs and timers. Our company offers lamps that are associated with more than 60 well-known brands, and customers may choose products with a range of different heights and widths to accommodate any space big or small. We also sell outdoor lamps that can withstand the effects of many types of weather and brass table lamps that are compatible with the regulations of the California Energy Code.

Evaluating Each Finish

We offer a variety of unique table lamps with finishes such as Gold Tones, Bronze Tones, and Chrome-Polished Nickel to list a few. We sell touch lamps with finishes that have the appearance of high-quality wood, and these coatings can match the finishes of tables, stylish bed frames, floors and wooden doors. You may also find bedside lamps that are clear and stained glass table lamps that feature crystal. We also offer table lamps in finishes such as pink, red, copper, and pewter to match any decor and style.

The Features of Lamp Shades

Ideally, a lampshade should have a length that is equivalent to approximately 30 percent of the lamp’s total height. Consequently, the shade will cover the light bulb, yet the lampshade will allow the maximum amount of bright light to permeate the room. While evaluating a lampshade, you can measure the width of the lamp’s base, and if the base has the shape of a square, you should measure the component diagonally. Subsequently, you can double the resulting figure in order to determine a shade’s optimal width.

When decorating a room that has a modern style, interior designers commonly recommend lamps with especially thin bases, and each shade should have the shape of a square and feature a single tone. If a room contains traditional lamp tables and historical pictures, you can choose a relatively long shade that is tapered. provides glass lamp shades that contain multiple tones and stunning designs, and some of the shades feature images that represent flowers, trees, dragonflies, butterflies, peacocks and jewels. Likewise, we offer Dale Tiffany table lamps that have brass finishes or amber exteriors.

Tips That Help Customers to Table Lamps

When you’re choosing bedside table lamps, you can select products that have incandescent bulbs or fluorescent bulbs, and even LEDs, which can substantially reduce energy costs and may provide light that features various tones. Additionally, multiple reports have shown that LEDs have longer lifespans than most light bulbs. also offers halogen bulbs for table lamps, which can generate substantially brighter light than the majority of bulbs. Each halogen bulb generally has a small size, and the products can easily be dimmed.

Timers and Dimmers

You may set a dimmer that will augment the light’s brightness during the morning, and the controller will slowly reduce the brightness throughout each evening. Numerous analyses have indicated that a dimmer can decrease the effects of insomnia and may stimulate the body’s natural production of melatonin.

The Height and the Width

In general, taller lamps are able to illuminate larger areas more comprehensively than relatively short lamps; however, long lamps are not optimal for tables that are situated next to computers because a taller lamp can decrease the light’s concentration. Wide lamps are ideal for customers who regularly read in bed or use a computer that is situated on a small desk. Several reports have also indicated that wide lamps can light hallways and corridors more effectively than lamps that are relatively thin.

According to many interior designers, a lamp that has a length of at least 30 inches is ideal for a room with a ceiling that is situated at a height of 10 feet. If a customer’s home has smaller rooms, the buyer should purchase a lamp with a height of 20 inches to 29 inches.

Choosing Table Lamps That Conserve Energy

Many of our energy-efficient lamps are compatible with fluorescent bulbs that utilize less than 65 watts of electricity, and fluorescent bulbs have an average lifespan of approximately 6,000 hours. We also offers crystal table lamps that meet Energy Star’s requirements. Furthermore, we provide Tiffany table lamps that feature bronze and numerous components that can substantially decrease energy costs.

There are many factors that go into picking out the correct table lamps. The correct table lamps set the scene and setting of any room establishing that finishing touch. Whether you are looking for a table lamp made from ceramic with a classic silhouette or a decorative fixture that doubles as a statement piece, table lamps are portable lights designed to be placed on tables and moved at will. Typically used for reading or to illuminate dark corners of a room, a table lamp is perfect in a living room, bedroom or home office. They create new, fresh and attractive dynamics, adding diffused lighting that welcomes you and your guests.

PRO TIP: With such a huge selection of different lamp styles and finishes, make sure you find one that not only fits your space but your overall room style and decor.