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A clean, sophisticated place to call their second home was high on this Royal Palm residences’ list. And, with the help of trusted designer, Conrad White, they were able to achieve just that.

After only a few minutes of chatting with Conrad, you understand why he is so good at what he does. Eager to listen and understand your decor goals, he delicately fuses together what you are looking for while pushing you outside of your comfort zone, creating a beautiful masterpiece.  

Coming home should feel like a luxurious vacation…. a safe and warm escape from the world.
While touring this modern contemporary home, we interviewed Conrad to delve deeper to find out where he gets his inspiration and how he is able to balance the latest trends with the client’s style. Before we could even get started, Conrad shared his thoughts on what coming home should feel like and their approach to interior design.

“Coming home should feel like a luxurious vacation…. a safe and warm escape from the world.  Our approach to design is a unique and fluid process. We work closely with our clients to conceptualize a design that is reflective of their lifestyle and wishes.”  – Conrad White Interior Design, Inc.

Q&A with Conrad White, Interior Design

Q: Do you have a favorite decorating style?

A: Modern/Contemporary. Although I cater to each client’s particular taste, I favor modern-contemporary.  This home is the epitome of style in step with a clean contemporary vibe.

Q: How do current design trends influence your work–mix and match finishes, Colors of the Year, oversized chandeliers?

A: As a designer I must always keep up with current design trends.  Each design trend depends on the particular project; no two are the same.

Q: What are some of the challenges you have encountered with LED lighting?

A: LED lighting is a different kind of light. There were issues with dimming and brightness at first but over the years the technology has improved and I have mastered getting the effect I want to achieve.

Q: Do you see lighting design becoming more important to your clients today?

A: Every client has a different taste in lighting; I do my best to satisfy their wishes and design their spaces with the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting configuration possible.

Q: How do you stay within a certain budget?  What items are the easiest to cut corners on and where is there no room for compromise?

A: Budget…This is one of the most tricky parts of my job. A lot of clients have high expectations on what they want the project to cost in the end and that is not always an easy number to meet. Sometimes we do have to cut corners to make the workable cost something that we can both live with, however lighting is one of the items on which we cannot compromise.

Q: How do you feel about eco-friendly furnishings and human-centric lighting design?  Smart Home controls?

A: Eco friendly furnishings are great if they work into the design. In reference to smart home controls, love, love, love, depending on the clients budget.

Q: Do you have a particular signature technique in your design scheme?

A: Each project has their own unique feel to them but I would have to say that my go-to design schemes are creating art niches, floor-to-ceiling sliding closet-doors, and using chocolate brown colors on accent walls and even whole rooms. You can find at least one of these signature design schemes in each of my projects.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration? What is the typical design process like?

A: My inspiration comes from my passion for design. Sometimes clients come to me with their ideas but when we get together some things change. The changes always work out great for everyone especially the client. After meeting with the client, we have a meeting of the minds and then GO FOR IT.

Q: We may be a little biased, but do you have favorite lighting and furnishings stores?

A: Capitol lighting is my go to lighting store and Island City Traders is my favorite furnishings store.

Q: How long have you been in the industry?  What is your favorite part of the job?

A: I have been in business with my own company since 1985. My favorite part of the job is at the end when everything comes together and our vision has been accomplished.

Tour the Home

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Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - KitchenCapitol Lighting_-12Featured: Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Great Room

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Great Room - Foyer

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 Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Great Room 3

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Great Room 2

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Master Bedroom

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Nightstand

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Master Bathroom 2

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Master Bathroom

Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Dining Room
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Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Bathroom Featured: ET2 Fizz IV Multi Pendant Light

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Royal Palm - Conrad White Interiors - Statue

We especially love this piece! Conrad’s partner handmade this mosaic beauty, and we think she is the perfect touch for the backyard! A handful of these sculptures have been made, each with their own unique flair and name, customized to the owner and location.

Interior Designer:

Conrad White Interiors

Lighting Professional:

Judi Gottlieb | Capitol Lighting Boca Raton


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