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Define Your Space with Light

Use lighting as an artist’s palette to reveal the patterns that frame your family’s unique style.

Ambient lighting is something people tend to take for granted, especially when it lacks character and style. You can ensure your light fixtures stand out by getting creative with whole room designs. An artfully arranged palette of various values and styles of light decorates as well as illuminates each individual space for a fabulous effect. At, we offer a complete array of fixtures you can use to paint each room its own shade of luminous.

Your Living Room Canvas

Choose ceiling lighting that will be the focal point of your living room. For example, an art deco light pendant from Cyan Designs sets a vintage precedent that resonates throughout the space.

Arrange intimate seating areas around standalone fixtures. Place a table lamp from Fine Art Lamps between a pair of overstuffed chairs where it will create an atmosphere of intimacy. Set a floor lamp from Currey and Company behind the sofa to cast a wide pool of inviting ambient lighting.

Decorative wall sconce fixtures around the perimeter of the room will ensconce it in a glowing aura. Accent spots are great when you want to illuminate artwork, display shelves and unique accessories.

Fixtures to Define Your Workspace

Track lighting keeps your decorating scheme on task with very versatile styles and configurations. As a natural choice for kitchen ceiling lighting, track fixtures are adjustable and cost effective. A centrally installed, circular track with multiple heads sets a bright, contemporary theme for your kitchen. Place a series of coordinating mini pendant lights from WAC Lighting or Murray Feiss above your breakfast bar. Add useful LED task lighting beneath your cabinets to illuminate your food prep areas.

Fixtures that Define Fine Dining

Paint your dining room canvas with artful swaths of light. The go-to style for dining rooms is the formal chandelier, but you can tweak the tradition to fit your vision. Browse our crystal chandeliers by Murray Feiss, our selection of rustic pendants from Elk Lighting and light pendant styles from dozens of others. With your primary fixtures in place, move outward, making shadowy spots pop with a luminous wall sconce or pendant. A decorative accent lamp from Kenroy Home or a whimsical stained glass globe from Meyda would class up your dining room buffet while real candles add glamorous glimmer to the tabletop.

From ceiling to tabletop, illuminate your living spaces with a mixture of fixtures that defines your decor scheme with shining style. Get started today by looking through, where you will find the options that best reflect your vision.

PRO TIP: Place reflective accents where the light will play across them and create interesting patterns.

Shop a popular selection of light fixtures that help define any space

Decorative light fixtures draw the eye to artwork and conversation pieces, bringing them out of the shadows and into the limelight.