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Crafting Opulent Spaces with Gold and Crystal Chandeliers

In many ways, chandeliers encapsulate the pinnacle of lighting design. For centuries, adorning your home with these elegant pieces has been a way to institute a personal, luxurious touch. Plus, they always make a statement no matter what setting you place them in. 

While rustic and modern chandeliers have certainly found their place in interior design, there’s no debating the excitement and flair of gold and crystal chandeliers. Often with a traditional shape and exuberant appearance, this classic ornamentation creates exquisite ambiance.

Capitol Lighting has always envisioned chandeliers as jewelry for the home, and there’s no better way to exude brilliance than by hanging gold and crystal chandeliers in your favorite spaces. Let’s take a look at how the diverse range of styles and arrangements of these marvelous fixtures can brighten your home.

How Gold Transforms Spaces with Warmth and Luxury

Gold has always been the standard for luxury seekers. Its warm, shiny allure draws people in, while its durability and sustainability seal the deal. Gold chandeliers have traditionally been popular choices to create opulence in dining rooms, sitting areas, and other places where you want a sophisticated atmosphere. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, these versatile pieces provide an inviting glow that can bring warmth and luxury to any room.


Not all gold chandeliers take traditional forms, which is surely evident in the Denise Mcgaha Potter 8 Light Chandelier by Currey and Company. This brutalist design is made of wrought iron with an Aurora antique finish, and its spiky shape emits a patterned glow that extends around the room. In this mid-century modern dining room, the chandelier hovers over the table like a crown.

The Symphony of Light and Refinement with Crystal Chandeliers

Like gold, crystal is a luxury that has long captivated the realms of fashion and design with its allure. Crystal chandeliers are some of the most notable fixtures associated with luxury, and their shimmering and reflective nature helps light glisten rather than simply glow. Another common quality in these pieces is their dripping presentation, characterized by the design of the crystals. Since the size, quantity, and orientation of these gems can easily vary, these chandeliers can take many forms.


In this extravagant closet, we find the contemporary Urban Classic Sydney 44 Inch 33 Light Chandelier by Elegant Lighting. The frame features a matte black finish, which corresponds with the accented cabinets and darker tones around the room. With hundreds of Royal Cut crystals, this stunning luminaire can be hung anywhere you want a little more glitz and glam.

Blending Gold and Crystal: A Match Made in Design Heaven

Since innovative interior decoration has always been about blending different materials and elements to create areas with character, gold and crystal were inevitably combined in chandelier designs to elevate their presence and radiance. Not only does this embolden the intrigue of these eye-catching pieces, but it also allows for the warmth of the gold finish and the sparkle of the crystal to coexist harmoniously. 

@stella.interiors, photography by @kielyramosphoto

One thing about crystal is that even when it’s used in contemporary settings, it still brings a traditional feel to the room. That’s certainly the case for this Calypso 30 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Crystorama, which evokes grandeur above this sleek dining space. Featuring a deluge of smooth, clear drops in small and large raindrop shapes, you immediately understand why this fixture is the captivating finishing touch on this dining room’s design.

Gold and Crystal Chandeliers Beyond the Dining Room

Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers don’t need to be exclusive to your dining area. While these are the most common spaces you’ll find these fixtures, they certainly bring out a scintillating aura no matter where they are placed around the home. Foyers, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and libraries are all excellent places to evoke splendor, especially when they perfectly complement the design’s theme.

@jfy.designs Photography by @carolinesharpnack

If you haven’t thought about hanging a chandelier in your home office, you may reconsider after seeing this marvelous Revolve 36 Light Chandelier by Alora Lighting. Hovering above the desk, this fixture’s brass finish gives off a gold hue, and its clear glass shades are reminiscent of antique candle holders. Nestled between metal rings, they shine effortlessly to illuminate the seating area. The Revolve’s impeccable form is bound to draw attention.

If you’re in the market for a gold or crystal chandelier, Capitol Lighting’s expansive 2024 catalog has a dynamic range of fixtures for any design style or room in the house. Shop our full selection online, or visit one of our showrooms and see these elegant fixtures for yourself in person.