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How to Style Your Dream Living Room

No place in the home sets the tone quite like the living room. As a common area, this space should be the most inviting and lively, capable of accommodating any number of activities. With thoughtful interior design and captivating lighting, you can create a haven where it’s easy to spend hours, whether you’re entertaining guests or lounging on your own.

If you’re wondering how to style a living room with fabulous fixtures, Capitol Lighting has you covered with inspiration featuring top-of-the-line brands to fit every home’s unique characteristics. Let’s take a look at how different lighting options can transform your living room.

The Foundations of Dream Living Room Design

Curating the ultimate living room begins with considering the design style you’ve chosen, including aesthetic features such as shape, material, and color scheme. Next, determine the form and function of lighting elements that will not only brighten the space but enhance the atmosphere throughout the room. Oftentimes, central fixtures such as chandeliers steal the show and offer a commanding presence that fits your needs, whether you’re looking for glam or a cozy ambiance.


The Odyssey 54.5 Inch Chandelier by Troy Lighting’s elaborate shape and artistic flair add to the visual interest of this living room. The fixture’s modern elegance perfectly complements the wall art, and its carbide black arms and plated smoke glass shades create a warm and cozy atmosphere above the seating area. The neutral colors make the room feel harmonious.

Using Chandeliers and Pendants as Focal Points

Much like chandeliers, pendant light fixtures act as spellbinding pieces in posh living room designs. These standout fixtures come in many unique and functional styles, allowing homeowners to showcase their personality however they see fit, no matter if they choose to display traditional crystal ornamentation or more contemporary, avant-garde pieces. Since there’s so much diversity in appearance, many of these fixtures can be adapted to fit in with various styles of décor. 

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Due to its sheer size and allure, the Stratosphere 46 Inch Large Pendant by Currey and Company is the unmistakable focal point in this extravagant living room. The blown glass bulbs hover effortlessly above this cozy mid-century modern design. When unlit, it reflects natural light throughout the space, and when evening comes, it offers a stunning display. The silver leaf finish on the wrought iron frame ties in nicely with the rustic aesthetic, and with four shining bulbs positioned at the center, this fixture has ample luminosity. 

The Charm of Table and Floor Lamps

No living room would truly be complete without floor lamps or table lamps, as these versatile options help provide concentrated task lighting to a specific area in the room where people will be sitting and reading, crocheting, or doing other activities. These fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and because they can easily be moved around the room, relocating them is a breeze. They also play a big role in the décor due to their visual appeal.


This handcrafted Mobius Arc Lamp by Hubbardton Forge is made in Vermont using only the highest-quality materials. The shade represents a calla lily blossoming from the adjustable steel stem, allowing individuals to position the light in whichever direction they choose. As you can see in this example, the Mobius’ reach easily extends over the couch for optimal overhead lighting.

How Wall Sconces Add Layers of Light and Texture

While they may be subtle, wall sconces play an integral role in the illumination of many styles of living rooms. Because these pieces exclusively line the exterior of the space, they can be implemented tastefully to enhance other architectural features or points of interest around the room. These fixtures often take many forms, so you can choose a design that’s as subtle or eye-catching as you’d like.


The Nyack 19.5-Inch Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley Lighting is an eclectic option that can fit into any transitional living room. With its curved aged brass arm and a black perforated metal cap floating above its shiny opal glass shade, this fixture gives off traditional and contemporary vibes. It feels right at home here on either side of the fireplace in this modern layout.

There’s no better time to elevate your home’s main entertaining space to match your design vision. With Capitol Lighting, our expansive selection of inventory will have your living room shining with brilliance. Shop our 2024 catalog now or visit one of our showrooms to check out our very best living room fixtures for yourself.