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Modernize Your Light Switches With Legrand

Beautify Your Home with Legrand Lighting Controls

Originally founded outside of France in 1966, Legrand is a manufacturer of unique light switches and controls designed to complement modern homes. Their lines include switches, dimmers, electrical outlets and wall plates with a variety of technological features and a vast range of styles and colors.

Legrand has been operating in the U.S. since 1984 and continues to bring its unique products to the American market. In addition to a luxury look, the brand offers many useful features and benefits to your home. From innovative gesture recognition to cross-compatibility with different bulb types, Legrand lighting control systems provide an exceptional experience when integrated into any remodeling project.

Upgrading to Legrand Light Switches

Traditional lighting offers few options for adjusting light levels from room to room or regulating how much energy your lights use. Legrand addresses this problem with its innovative designs and technology, providing switches and dimmers with unprecedented options for control. Instead of flipping a switch, you might tap a console, press a rocker or toggle or simply wave your hand in front of a panel to turn lights on and off. Each fixture is designed to be as flush with the wall as possible, creating a clean look in any room.

Legrand dimmers come in six designs, each with its own combination of switch and dimmer controls:

Paddle – A rocker switch and a slider

Whisper – A single toggle switch and a slim slider

SofTap – Tap switches with paddle dimmers

Touch – Includes no switches and operates exclusively by touch

SensaDimmer – A toggle dimmer switch with a sensor to turn lights on only when rooms are occupied

All styles are available in “Wi-Fi ready” models, allowing you to install additional switches and control new lighting without running extra wires. When synced with a “master hub,” these consoles can be regulated easily via a smartphone app. Three- and four-way compatibility allows you to manage lighting from multiple locations around your home.

Along with functionality, color is an important consideration when upgrading to new decorative light switch accessories. Legrand wall plates come in a range of colors, including simple white, magnesium gray and wood. Setups begin at one-gang and go up to six-gang to meet your needs in any room. The “one-gang-plus” wall plate includes space for USB outlets so that you can charge your electronic devices anywhere in the house.

A Companion for LED

Legrand lighting controls are compatible with multiple bulb types, including energy-efficient LEDs. If you’re upgrading your lighting from traditional incandescent bulbs, pairing the new LED fixtures with Legrand hardware provides exceptional control over lighting levels and energy consumption in every room.

When you switch to LED bulbs, you enjoy lighting with less radiant heat and a better range of colors. The addition of Legrand dimmers allows you to choose the right level of light for any occasion or activity with a simple push or tap. This combination reduces the amount of energy lost through heat and keeps your home cool while still providing adequate illumination. Integrating sensor switches saves even more electricity.

Not all LED bulbs work with traditional dimmer switches, so replacing your current light switches with Legrand models ensures compatibility. Since Legrand’s dimmers are able to control multiple different kinds of lights, it’s not necessary to change to LED in every room right away. The controls will work with any combination of bulbs, making it easy to customize light levels throughout your home.

Designing Modern Lighting Control Systems

Technology has become a major part of life, and home technology is beginning to catch up with the pace at which smartphones, wearable tech and other mobile devices are evolving. Legrand taps into these trends with their sleek styles and integrated lighting control systems. Since you’re already using touch gestures and managing home appliances and security via remote apps, it makes sense to add these familiar conveniences to your lighting. By making the mobile experience part of everyday life, you can move seamlessly from one type of device to another without changing how you work with each interface.

It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to add these conveniences and improve the way your home looks. With Legrand dimmers, you get the option of full- or half-size consoles, panels with or without physical switches and a full range of lighting levels to create a different ambiance in every room. You’ll never see a screw showing on Legrand panels, and even the outlets keep a low profile. By updating to new fixtures and LED bulbs at the same time, you can create an entirely new design with a luxurious finish.

If you’re looking for sleek and modern decorative light switch accessories and state-of-the-art controls, Legrand dimmers fit right into your remodeling plans. Shop around for features and styles to coordinate with the vision you have for your home, and customize each choice to beautify your renovation.

Adding a Legrand light switch to any room infuses the design with elegance and adds the convenience of today’s technology to every fixture. With the right balance of design and functionality, Legrand products turn the act of “hitting the lights” into an innovative and enjoyable experience.

PRO TIP: When upgrading your home lighting to LED, you will need dimmers and switches that are LED compatible. Legrand provides modern switches and dimmers that are LED compatible in a variety of stunning styles to transform any room.

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