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What Height Should Wall Sconces Be Mounted?

The difference between good and great interior lighting design is getting the layers of light right. Essential to creating layered lighting, wall sconces can offer task, ambient, accent, and especially decorative light. Versatile in both design and function, interior wall sconce lighting elevates every room while adding the finishing touches to the design.

There are many ways to incorporate wall sconces into a home’s lighting design. They often play different roles in each space, which will also influence how high to hang them in each space. If the sconce is too high, it will light mainly the ceiling, and if it is too low, it will primarily light the floor. In addition, it shouldn’t be mounted so low that the light bulb is visible, nor so high that it doesn’t illuminate the area as intended. Factors such as ceiling height, intended usage in the room, and even the room itself, also make a difference in how high to hang them.

Here’s a look at the many ways wall sconces can provide functional and beautiful lighting and the best height to mount them in each room.

Create a Focal Point in the Living Room

Almost nothing makes a living room feel warm and inviting than wall sconces. They’re not bright enough to add extra illumination, but not so bright they overpower the living space.

For living rooms, the optimal height to mount wall sconces is between 60″-72″. Ultimately, neither the top of the sconce nor the bulb should be visible. Flanking artwork with a pair of decorative wall sconces brings attention to the room’s main focal point. They also work well alongside bookshelves, adding flair and additional light when needed.

Hinkley Lighting Margeaux 18 Inch Wall Sconce

Its formal presence reinforces the traditional style of the Hinkley Lighting Margeaux 18 Inch Wall Sconce. These wall sconces stand out with the gentle light glowing through opal glass, and the vintage brass finish complements its simple design.

Add Ambiance to the Foyer or Entryway

Entryways welcome people home and give guests a glimpse of what to expect when they step inside. The lighting used in this space sets the tone and adds the appropriate accent lighting where needed. But it is also an area that can benefit from a wall sconce that is strictly decorative. In foyers and entryways, the wall sconce height should follow the same guidelines as those for the living room: 66″-72″.

Thomas O’Brien Edie 32 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co.

Striking in its simplicity, the Thomas O’Brien Edie 32 Inch Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort and Co. is a unique blend of refined domesticity and vintage elegance.

Make a Retreat in the Bedroom

When creating the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, wall sconces for bedrooms give you the perfect ambiance. They set the mood and showcase bedroom décor and any architectural features while adding functionality. They should be mounted about shoulder height when sitting up in bed so that they can be turned on and off easily.

Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting

Fun and funky, the Poppy 28 Inch Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting brings a lively feel to this bedroom. The clear, seedy glass shade supplies the perfect amount of light for reading in bed and doesn’t scrimp on style.

Amp up the Ambiance in the Kitchen

Wall sconces above the sink in the kitchen put task lighting exactly where it is needed. And they do it beautifully. Traditionally, wall sconces are used in pairs, but increasingly these days, when the room’s size allows, they are used in threes to add charm and make kitchens feel extra cozy. Turn off the ceiling lights, and you have instant ambiance from the wall sconces.

E. F. Chapman Boston Wall Swing Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co.

Featuring a unique swing arm that offers targeted illumination, the E. F. Chapman Boston Wall Swing Lamp by Visual Comfort and Co. features a classic style that makes itself at home in any kitchen. Its simple lines go with any décor, from modern to industrial to transitional.

Chase Shadows away in the Bathroom

Vanity lighting is a key part of layered lighting in the bathroom. Adding wall sconces next to the mirror will reduce the shadows often cast by overhead lights. When flanking a mirror, the height for wall sconces can range between 60″-65″ from the center of the junction box to the floor. The goal is to mount the light source at approximately eye level for better visibility in the mirror.

Quoizel Padgett 12 Inch Wall Sconce

The sleek, mid-century style of the Quoizel Padgett 12 Inch Wall Sconce is perfect for this understatedly elegant bathroom. Shown here as uplights, they can also be installed as downlights if the design demands it.

Increase Safety and Curb Appeal Outdoors

Outdoor up down wall sconces are a functional, space-saving option for illuminating outdoor entryways, patios, and more. Not only do they enhance curb appeal, but they also provide extra security and peace of mind. Outdoor wall sconces with up down lighting are best placed about shoulder height. This puts the downward light where it needs to be when searching for keys.

Westover 22 Inch Tall 2 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Quoizel

With clean lines and hand-riveted accents that perfectly express modern industrial style, the Westover 22 Inch Tall 2 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Quoizel is breathtakingly beautiful and while also extremely functional. Its sleek design provides effortless outdoor lighting.

There are wall sconces of every size and style imaginable to bring glowing illumination into the spaces where life is lived. Make a virtual appointment or stop by Capitol Lighting to speak with a lighting specialist and review our entire selection.