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May 14, 2019


10 Breathtaking Schonbek Chandeliers You’ll Love

Schonbek Chandeliers: Chrysalita 25” 6-Light Chandelier

Dazzling crystal. Dramatic glass. Ornate metal. Imagine being greeted by these luxurious materials every time you walked into your home. It’s not something from a museum or a movie set — it’s a chandelier by Schonbek Lighting!

Can’t quite picture a chandelier in your home? Discover why every home (and every room, actually) could benefit from a little chandelier magic — especially from Schonbek.

Why You Should Hang Chandeliers in Your Home

Chandeliers, while still functional in nature, are made to truly transform a space. They provide light of course, but more importantly, they add luxury, drama, depth, and personality to the room where they hang. Where should you consider hanging a chandelier? Well, everywhere!


Transform your forgettable foyer into a grand entryway with the dramatic touch of a large crystal chandelier! Guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a palace.

Dining Room

Perhaps the most common placement for chandeliers is in the formal dining room, where they add a touch of luxury to any meal.

Living room

Why not hang a light fixture that’s a “conversation starter” in the room where you gather with friends and family? The right living room chandelier can be functional, beautiful, and breathtaking.


When it comes to making a statement with kitchen island lighting, it’s tough to beat the sophisticated style of a traditional chandelier. For a larger island consider multiple mini chandeliers in a row to bring a functional luxury to the space.


You deserve style and sophistication, even in slumber. Add a designer chandelier to your bedroom to turn it into a grand suite.


Adding luxury lighting to an unexpected place such as a bathroom can instantly elevate the room’s style. Place a chandelier above your tub to create your own personal spa that you can visit anytime!


Speaking of unexpected places, hanging a mini chandelier in a walk-in closet is a fun and elegant way to add a bit of private luxury you get to enjoy.


When not just any old hallway light will do, choose an ornate chandelier to guide guests through.

Why Choose Schonbek Chandeliers?

Once you’ve decided to buy a crystal chandelier, you may be wondering which brand to choose. When it comes to beautiful, luxurious crystal chandeliers, Schonbek Lighting takes the cake. Now owned by famed crystal producer Swarovski, Schonbek has been creating high-quality, exquisitely handcrafted crystal chandeliers since the 1800s. Each Schonbek crystal chandelier is designed to instantly inspire and elevate the style of the room where it hangs.

10 Breathtaking Schonbek Chandeliers You’ll Love

We’ve gathered our 10 favorite Schonbek chandeliers to share with you, from traditional tiered pieces to more modern works made of stainless steel. No matter what your specific lighting needs, there’s a Schonbek chandelier that’s sure to dazzle and delight.

Schonbek Chandeliers: Andy Schuyler Circulus 14” Large Pendant

1. Circulus

“Wow.” That’s what people will say when they gaze upon the cascade of radiant light sparkling from the Circulus chandelier. A beacon of cosmopolitan, art deco style, this fixture will fit in well with your modern decor. Hang above your dining table to set the mood for a fabulous meal!

Schonbek Chandeliers: Andy Schuyler Esteracae 18” Large Pendant

2. Esteracae

Inspired by the beautiful, delicate nature of a dandelion, this fixture will truly make a room blossom. Each stem is topped with a hand-finished metal floret and pinned with faceted crystal, leading to a dazzling, shimmering effect.

Andy Schuyler Bella Rose 36” 10-Light Chandelier

3. Bella Rose

Diamond-shaped crystal beading and a metallic collar frame form the structural illusion of a drum shade on this fancy, feminine piece. The lacy, flowing crystal strands reflect the light softly, for an elegant, dramatic look.

Andy Schuyler Baronet 24” Large Pendant

4. Baronet

Take your home’s decor to new heights with the dazzling look of the Baronet chandelier, inspired by the sophisticated style of English nobility. The clusters of crystals form a diamond shape, reflecting light in all directions and giving the illusion of suspended jewels. Who wouldn’t want that gracing their ceiling?

Andy Schuyler Chatter 24” Large Pendant

5. Chatter

With its gold mirror metal pieces (they also come in polished stainless steel) and the glimmering avalanche of multi-faceted crystals, the Chatter will be the talk of your home. Hang this beautiful conversation piece in your living room or dining room for instant ambiance.

Trilliane 24” 24-Light Chandelier

6. Trilliane

A marvel of modern opulence, this fixture features a tiered design of leaf-shaped crystals, as well as crystal-encrusted chains. Add elegance to an entryway or drama to your dining room with the dazzling display of light the Trilliane provides.

New Orleans 24” 7-Light Chandelier

7. New Orleans

Unsurprisingly, the New Orleans chandelier features a French-inspired design, with twirling branches, and a sculptural crystal column adorned with garlands, cups, and ornaments. The New Orleans is a perfect fit for a dining room, pairing just as easily with rustic furniture as it does with formal.

Schonbek Chandeliers: Florabella 39” 10-Light Chandelier


The Florabella is adorned with beautiful lotus-shaped metal blooms and beaded crystal chains. Teardrop crystals complete the feminine, flowy look of this fixture. This gracefully stunning piece is available in a variety of metal finishes, including heirloom gold, bronze or silver.

 Schonbek Chandeliers: Jasmine 26” 7-Light Chandelier

9. Jasmine

For a more modern, streamlined style, consider the Jasmine. Hand cut from blocks of flawless optic crystal, this fixture features large angular facets that blanket your space with a dazzling display of rainbow-colored light.

Schonbek Chandeliers: Chrysalita 25” 6-Light Chandelier

10. Chrysalita

The epitome of luxury lighting, the Chrysalita features strands-upon-strands of beaded glass that are dripping with clear Spectra crystal, for maximum elegance and sparkle. Get the most out of this opulent fixture by hanging the Chrysalita in a prominent place, preferably a room you use every day.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about chandelier fixtures, and about our favorite collection of Schonbek chandeliers in particular, it’s time to make a tough decision: which one should you install first?