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Apr 4, 2019


10 Glass Pendant Lights That Will Brighten Your Decor

Glass. It’s a versatile material used for anything from window panes to whiskey bottles. Although many of its uses make everyday modern life a little bit easier, people have been making glass for thousands of years; the practice actually dates all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. Glass isn’t just functional, either — it’s beautiful and artistic, making it an unsurprisingly favored material for lighting fixtures.

Glass Pendant Lights: A Trend That Sparkles

Glass is an especially popular material for pendant lights, which are fixtures that are typically suspended from the ceiling by a rod, chain or cord. But what’s behind the glass pendant light trend?

There’s a simple answer, of course: glass is the perfect material for focusing, reflecting or amplifying light. And there’s a more complex answer, too: glass is a material that can be shaped, styled, colored, mixed with multiple materials or otherwise manipulated to match many different decor preferences. Think frosted globes, color-stained cylinders and lantern-esque lights — all different and unique, but all made from the same base material.

In short, glass is the perfect choice for your home’s pendant lights!

Types of Glass Pendant Lights

We’ve established that if you’re going to pick the perfect pendant lights, you should strongly consider something with glass. What if you’re still not sure whether or not pendants make the most sense for your space in the first place? To help you make the decision, we’ll fill you in on the most popular types of pendants:

Kitchen Pendants

When it comes to kitchen island lights, pendants are a perfect pick. Suspended above your kitchen workspace, they can provide focused task lighting for chopping, measuring and mixing.

Dining Pendants

Whether you’re gathering ‘round for some of Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes or enjoying a simple weeknight meal, the dining room table is place for good food and great conversation. The right pendant lights offer the ideal amount of illumination and style for your family’s activities.

Desk Pendants

Don’t just get the job done, get it done in style! Hanging a pendant light — one that matches your personality, of course — above your workspace is a great way to inspire creativity and productivity, not to mention provide ample light for the task at hand.

10 Glass Pendant Lights That Will Brighten Your Decor

Convinced you need to add a touch of magic to your home with glass hanging lights? Let us guide you toward the right glass pendant for your home’s unique style.

Generation Lighting Feiss Frontage 10-Inch Mini Pendant | Capitol Lighting

1. Frontage Mini Pendant by Feiss

The simplistic beauty of this mini pendant makes it a perfect match for varied styles, from rustic to contemporary. The translucent, bell-shaped glass shade provides focused light and shows off the vintage filament bulb. Pick this pendant from Generation Lighting for your kitchen or workspace.

Generation Lighting Feiss Harrow 19-Inch Large Pendant

2. Harrow Large Pendant by Feiss

If your space demands large pendant lights, the Feiss Harrow is an excellent option. It features three bulbs and a textured glass shade that’s 19” in diameter. Choose from polished nickel or oil-rubbed bronze for a finish that complements your decor.

Hinkley Lighting Wingate 26-Inch Cage Pendant

3. Wingate Pendant by Hinkley Lighting

Put a new twist on traditional style with the Wingate by Hinkley Lighting. This fixture features clear, floating beveled glass panels and round candle cups, with six lights to illuminate your kitchen countertop, island or bar area. Have a bigger space? Cluster several pendants together.

Hinkley Lighting Shelter 1 Outdoor Hanging Lantern

4. Shelter 1 Outdoor Hanging Lantern by Hinkley Lighting

Is your entryway, porch or patio missing something? It won’t be once you install this simple, yet sophisticated, cylindrical-shaped fixture from Hinkley Lighting. The clear, seedy glass offers interesting texture, while the light from above is Dark Sky compliant, meaning it reduces skyglow and nighttime light pollution. Prefer to hang this one indoors? Go for it!

Hubbardton Forge Atlas 13-Inch Large Pendant

5. Atlas Large Pendant by Hubbardton Forge

These hand-blown, round glass pendant lights from Hubbardton Forge will add a touch of whimsy to your clean, modern kitchen. Available in a variety of finishes from natural iron to soft gold, you’re sure to find the right look to match your room’s vibe.

Vermont Modern Knot 5-Inch Mini Pendant

6. Knot Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern

If you’re a fan of quirky, modern lighting fixtures, you’ll love the Knot Mini Pendant by Vermont Modern, a niche brand by Hubbardton Forge. The fixture is suspended by a flexible, stainless steel coil that can be configured in various ways — knot it, shape it or drape it until you get the look you desire!

Tech Lighting Mini Jasper Pendant 8-Inch Large Pendant

7. Mini-Jasper Pendant by Tech Lighting

What’s better than a glass pendant light? A glass pendant light with two uniquely distinct layers of glass! This organically shaped, mouth-blown glass fixture from Tech Lighting features an outer, transparent layer and an inner layer of cased opal glass. Hang above a kitchen island for unique and dynamic task lighting.

Visual Comfort and Co. Thomas O’Brien Gale 7-Inch Mini Pendant

8. Gale Mini Pendant by Visual Comfort

It’s good to have options, and this mini pendant by Visual Comfort and Co. offers just that. Choose from bronze, brass or nickel finishes and seeded or opaque white glass, for a glass pendant that’s uniquely yours. No matter which options you choose, you’ll love the sleek, lamppost look of this fixture.

Quoizel Morocco 15-Inch Large Pendant

9. Morocco Large Pendant by Quoizel

Aptly named for its distinct Moroccan-inspired glass shape, this large pendant by Quoizel provides an exotic flair that’ll still fit in with more traditionally decorated spaces. The transparent glass gives you the opportunity to showcase a vintage-style filament bulb, adding to the look.

Hudson Valley Lighting Paoli 12-Inch Mini Pendant

10. Paoli Mini Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

Designed with a minimalistic look that mimics industrial wharf lights, this mini pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting is fun to look at, but won’t take away from the features of the space where it hangs. Utilize this glass pendant light above a kitchen island with sleek marble or natural wood countertops.

When it comes to pendant lights, it’s clear that glass is more than just a fad. In fact, it’s the perfect material to help you showcase your style and illuminate the best areas of your home!