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Nov 29, 2018


10 Unique Table Lamps Everyone Will Love

Most people look at lamps as purely functional fixtures. You like to read in bed, so you buy something that sits on your nightstand. As long as it doesn’t clash with your bedroom furniture, it’s a home run. The truth is, though, unique table lamps can actually make a significant design statement.

What Table Lamps Add to Your Space

You shouldn’t rely on table lamps to light an entire room. After all, most only have one light bulb and aren’t much taller than 32 inches from the bottom of their base. But you can certainly count on table lamps to fill a void. Every room has that one awkward dark spot that needs illuminating. In fact, the main uses for a table lamp include:

  • Acting as a nightlight, especially in a kid’s room or guest room
  • Highlighting a specific feature or piece of furniture
  • Providing task lighting on a desktop, kitchen counter or nightstand
  • Lending personality to a room

Different Types of Table Lamps

There are several different types of table lamps, which can be broken down by their features and materials. Table lamps that have long, adjustable arms include the boom arm and desk lamp. Then you have table lamps made of crystal, stone, and ceramic. Some may even have a mix of materials to form the most unique table lamps.

Here are some common types of table lamps:


Look for a long, thin arm that reaches out from the base of the lamp with a dome-shaped shade encasing the light bulb. Arc table lamps don’t usually take up too much space, so they’re best suited for desks or small tables.

Boom Arm

Like a disc jockey’s microphone, the arm shoots straight out from the base. But the beauty of the boom arm is that it can swing left to right as well as up and down so you can position light perfectly on your table.


Buffet lamps are tall and slender, so their lampshades sit well above your food on a buffet table. They can also be used on end tables or crowded desks since their bases tend to be small.


Because ceramic can be molded into many shapes and sizes, these tend to be the most artistic of all table lamps. You’ll find ceramic lamps in almost any color you can imagine.


Typically, they aren’t made entirely of crystal so you might see a crystal, etched body connected to a metal base. Crystal lamps are elegant additions to traditional-style interiors, though you could use one in a modern home if the shape is right.

Desk lamp

The desk lamp is one of the most adjustable table lamps you’ll find. Some are so flexible they clip to the edge of your desk or table. These are especially unique table lamps because you can adjust the height and direction of your light.


Glass is another great art medium that can be formed into various shapes. These lamps have vase-like bodies that can stand on their own or connect to a flat base. Sometimes, glass lamps show off a collection of seashells, are painted a bold color or have intentional bubbles that add texture.


The Tiffany lamp is unmistakable. It’s characterized by a glass lampshade that was first designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in 1898. His idea lives on in lampshades that resemble stained glass windows. These lamps look best in a cozy home study.

10 Unique Table Lamps

  1. Alice Table Lamp in Polished Nickel

The type: glass

The body: circular, clear glass

The base: rectangle, polished nickel

The shade: rectangle, white linen

The room: a modern living room, foyer or bedroom


  1. Carousel Table Lamp in Soft Silver

The type: metal artform

The base: elongated cage-style strands in soft silver

The shade: classic drum, white linen

The room: a modern or contemporary living room or entryway



  1. Delta Table Lamp in Gold Glazed Ceramic

The type: ceramic

The base: diamond, gold glaze

The shade: oval, white parchment with lining

The room: a contemporary bedroom or foyer




  1. Engravers Desk Lamp in Burnished Brass

The type: desk lamp

The base: square pedestal, burnished brass

The shade: square tapered, opaque black

The room: traditional or transitional home office




  1. Fineas Table Lamp with Alabaster Base & Black Parchment Shade

The type: stone

The body: geometric, alabaster stone

The base: geometric, aged brass

The shade: shallow drum, opaque black

The room: contemporary entryway or bedroom



  1. Glass Harriet Table Lamp in Polished Nickel-White

The type: glass

The base: gourd-shaped, white glass with nickel flourish

The shade: shallow tapered drum, white

The room: modern-style entryway or French country home



  1. Hargett Table Lamps in Nickel & Brass

The type: buffet

The body: 22-inch candlestick

The base: bronze or hand-rubbed antique brass

The shade: classic empire, white paper

The room: traditional or rustic bedroom, one on each nightstand


  1. Kate Table Lamp in Nickel & White

The type: ceramic

The body: curvy ceramic, glossy white

The base: round, polished nickel

The shade: classic oval, textured white paper

The room: modern or transitional bedroom


  1. Laton Buffet Lamp in Brushed Brass

The type: buffet

The body: 35-inch candlestick

The base: square pedestal

The shade: classic drum, white

The room: contemporary nightstand or traditional foyer



  1. Juliette High Table Lamp

The type: crystal

The body: gilded, gourd-shaped crystal

The base: square, clear

The shade: shallow tapered drum, white

The room: contemporary bedroom or living room


How to Pick Unique Table Lamps for Your Home

You don’t have to labor over your lamp. Before you start shopping, ask yourself these important questions that will help you narrow down your options:

  • Where do you need a table lamp?
  • Why do you need a table lamp?
  • How much open table space do you have?
  • What’s your home décor style?

Armed with these tips and 10 beautiful examples of unique table lamps, it’ll be much easier to pick the fixture that works for you and your home design.