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Oct 19, 2018


3 Lighting Collections That Can Transform Your Home

Some people add an Italian tiered fountain to their front yard, and some paint their living room wall in canary yellow. You, on the other hand, prefer to accent your home with a crystal chandelier or light-wood floor lamp. The practicality of good lighting speaks to you. However, if you really want to transform your home, you’ll need to think big, bold and beautiful. That means investing in statement lighting collections that will elegantly pull together your entire house.

Statement Lighting Collections, Defined

Designers come out with new lighting collections every year. However, it’s the ones that defy expectations that make for the most memorable home décor. These impressive collections offer more than a functional fixture. They are sculptures suspended from the ceiling and wall art with dimension. Designers tend to choose rich materials, like bronze, gold, glass and even porcelain to elevate their most defining pieces. Here’s a closer look at three of the most impactful indoor lighting designs.

The Vertigo Collection by Corbett Lighting

About the Collection

Corbett Lighting is known for pushing the envelope. Their attention-grabbing designs are made from high-quality materials and handcrafted finishes. The Vertigo Collection is no different. The elegantly swirled fine metal adds movement to your space like a buzzing beehive.

Does Vertigo Fit in Your Home?

Thanks to its smooth metal design, the Vertigo Collection adapts to almost any style. The key is finding the right finish for your home décor.

    • Contemporary – The modern silver with citrine glass is perfect for an artistic-contemporary home.
    • Industrial – Go bronze, and the dark metal will easily complement an industrial interior with unfinished floors.
  • Farmhouse – The roughed-up bronze can pass for rustic chic if you’re willing to add a little whimsical touch to your farmhouse décor.

Where Can You Feature a Vertigo Light Fixture?

The Vertigo mini pendants are a stand-out addition to your kitchen lighting collection. Hang a set of three over a large kitchen island to add texture to solid wood or to a cement waterfall countertop.

The two-foot-long Vertigo sconces are perfect against a flat, mirrored wall in the bathroom or flanking a four-poster bed frame.

The oversized Vertigo pendant works in a foyer with vaulted ceilings or adjusted to fit over your formal dining table. While there are a total of six lights for ample illumination, their glow is softened by the caramel ice diffuser in the center.

The Crushed Ice Collection by Elan

About the Collection

Elan is the conscientious offshoot of Kichler Lighting. The Elan designers are focused on creating art with light while incorporating energy efficiency as often as possible. That’s why their elegant Crushed Ice Collection is made with LED technology. The bright white lighting is taken to new heights, as it shines through a mosaic of crystals. Meanwhile, the chrome finishing reflects the brilliance for a completely captivating light fixture.

Does Crushed Ice Fit in Your Home?

Not every home can handle the bling that Crushed Ice brings. This collection is best suited for homes with instinctive elegance.

  • Transitional – Homes that can successfully marry classic style with contemporary touches will enjoy the embellishment of this indoor lighting collection.
  • Contemporary – Glamour is always in style, and the Crushed Ice Collection does it best with its high-tech chrome finishing and sleek shaping.

Where Can You Feature a Crushed Ice Light Fixture?

The large circular Crushed Ice pendant is all you need to accessorize a neutral palette in your living room, especially when it can contrast the straight lines and squared edges of contemporary furniture.

A naturally bright bathroom or dark hallway can both benefit from the Crushed Ice wall sconce. Its prism of light is reflected by the circular sconce’s own mirrored center.

Layered with curved, crystallized planks, the Crushed Ice multi pendant is a mesmerizing mobile hung above your master bed. Or, if you need a conversation piece, place it over your dining room table.

When your entryway has standard eight-foot ceilings, the Crushed Ice flush mount is exactly enough glam. It won’t overpower, but it does make a statement with its smooth chrome finish and elegant hanging crystals.

The Belle de Nuit Collection by Lladro

About the Collection

Lladro’s lighting collections are embedded in rich history. What started as a small ceramic figurines business in Spain has grown into an international empire of porcelain. While Lladro is widely known for sculptures and accessories, the Belle de Nuit lighting collection is a beautiful representation of their handcrafted artistry. Somehow, Lladro’s Belle de Nuit fixtures make intricate porcelain designs feel less fragile and more universal. And even with the bulbs turned off, the signature Lladro pastels light up a room.

Does Belle de Nuit Fit Your Home?

Molded with wide, hefty bases and thick columns, this porcelain home lighting is anything but delicate. In other words, these fixtures aren’t just for never-lived-in living rooms. Their rainbow of colors and range of options complement any room that needs a little flair.

  • Traditional – The ornate details of the Belle de Nuit collection fit right into the layers of texture found in traditional home décor.
  • French Country – Choose the warm gold finish, and a Belle de Nuit lamp would rest perfectly on an ornamental wood end table.
  • Bohemian – The vintage feel of pastel porcelain and a high-glam chandelier complement a room full of color and unique style.

Where Can You Feature a Belle du Nuit Light Fixture?

With its varying shades of blue and green, the Belle de Nuit 13-inch wall sconce lends a soothing coolness to your bedroom. The mirrored back helps reflect light out into your space, which may be especially practical around a bathroom vanity.

The touch of gold in this Belle de Nuit table lamp is just enough warmth and richness to suit a French country living room. If your style is more traditional, try a pair of these textured porcelain lamps on your bedside tables. They’ll add to the patterned bedspread and well-crafted wood furniture.

The 40-light Belle de Nuit chandelier is made entirely of porcelain and accommodates LED bulbs for energy efficiency in any home. Just be sure you hang it in a well-trafficked area, so as not to waste this elaborate piece of art. A grand entryway would be acceptable. But the clean, white finish works even better against bold-colored walls in a formal dining room.

Let Your Lights Do the Talking

When it comes to statement lighting, it’s okay to think beyond the scope of your style. A wild and whimsical design balances neutral earth tones the same way a crisp white table lamp complements a room full of color. It’s the juxtaposition that makes it all come together. The most important thing is that you let personality in and expectations out. Then, and only then, will you be able to transform your home into the space of your dreams.