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Jun 25, 2019


5 Perfectly Designed Hubbardton Forge Sconces

Got a blank wall? You can always fill it with photo frames or a bedazzled mirror, but sconces have something you won’t find in your average wall art. They have a beautiful balance of function and fashion. Unless your painting serves as the trap door to a secret passageway, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck with a well-designed wall sconce.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to cover every bare wall with a light fixture. Actually, sconces work well when hung next to, under or beside other wall décor. They highlight the piece, while also adding a layer of warmth to the room’s overall lighting scheme.

And when it comes to fashion, wall sconces won’t let you down – especially when you choose from the beautiful collection of Hubbardton Forge sconces. This is a brand known for its attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Before we get to them and their designs, though, let’s review a few key wall sconce shopping tips.

Learn How to Shop for a Wall Sconce

Sconces come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you’ll have plenty of options – perhaps, too many. That’s why we’ve simplified the process with the following steps. These tips should help you narrow down your hunt for the perfect wall sconces.

Step 1: Set a Goal

Sconces have many functions. Whether you’re trying to fill a void in the living room or create more tabletop space in your bedroom, a sconce can meet those needs. You just have to set that goal up front, or you’ll end up with a fixture that may shine bright, but misses the mark.

Step 2: Pick the Placement

Not only is it imperative you know which room will get a sconce, but you’ll want to pinpoint its exact placement within that room. Do you need light in a dark corner of your home office? Or, maybe you want one on either side of your framed family portrait that’s hanging over the fireplace. The answer to those questions will guide the next steps.

Step 3: Determine the Direction

Your overall lighting goals and chosen placement will dictate the direction you need light to flow. For instance, if you are trying to accent a work of art on the wall, you might want to use a sconce that directs light upward. In other cases, you might want the light to beam into the center of your room.

Step 4: Find Your Type

With all those details out of the way, you can finally find the type of sconce that will best suit your space. Here are the various types of sconces:

  • Downlight – Shines light downward
  • Uplight – Projects light up toward the ceiling
  • Up/downlight – Sends light up and down
  • Candle-style – Adds decoration and casts a soft, warm glow
  • Swing arm – Features a movable “arm” that lets you adjust the lighting placement

Get to Know Hubbardton Forge

The steps above are straightforward and can be used universally. The only step we didn’t mention is the one where you choose your style. This is where things get personal. But after you get to know Hubbardton Forge, we think you’ll agree their sconces are worth the first look.

Their Heritage

Picture two people hammering away light fixtures in a Vermont barn in the mid-sixties. That was Hubbardton Forge in its infancy. Fast forward to today, and they have about 230 employees, including the artisans who handcraft each product, one at a time. Four decades later, all Hubbardton Forge lights are still made in Castleton, Vermont, U.S.A., with the minor exception of one vanity bath collection. This goes to show you how important tradition is to the Hubbardton Forge family.

Their Values

Speaking of what’s most important, being an American-made company tops the list. Hubbardton Forge knows that manufacturing domestically helps keep well-paying jobs in the U.S., thereby strengthening the local economy. It also allows their company to create a more collaborative work environment, because every employee – regardless of their title – is easily accessible. Communication remains clear, open and consistent, which helps everyone work better together.

Hubbardton Forge is also committed to the environment. They were the first company in the world to beta-test a phosphate-free bioremediation cleaner, which is still used today. Hubbardton Forge also employs innovative technology to reduce waste, uses recyclable materials in manufacturing, sources domestically and partners with local Vermont vendors whenever possible. Their artisans and designers are constantly looking for ways to reduce the company’s environmental footprint. As Design Director David Kitts put it, “We make heirlooms, not landfill.”

Their Style

The Hubbardton Forge design team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds. This melting pot infuses variety and interest into each light fixture. While steel remains the brand’s primary element, the designers are inspired by much more than metal. They often turn to the warmth of organic materials, while always infusing a strong sense of character.

To learn more about what makes Hubbardton Forge so unique, look no further than the fixtures below.

5 Perfectly Designed Hubbardton Forge Sconces

Sprig 12 Inch Wall Sconce by Hubbardton Forge

Sprig 12-Inch Wall Sconce

This “sprig of berries” is the clearest example of a well-designed wall sconce with the Hubbardton Forge style blooming from each branch. Thanks to the multi-sized berry balls and mahogany-inspired finish, the Sprig Wall Sconce has all the drama of a sculpture in motion, while satisfying the cry for ambiance. Choose the less-clear globe options – either opaline or opal glass – for an even softer glow, especially if you’re posting this piece in your living room or formal dining space.

Wish List Vessel 5 Inch Wall Sconce by Hubbardton Forge

Vessel 5-Inch Wall Sconce

With its vase-shaped glass shade, the Vessell Wall Sconce looks like a stunning décor accessory filling in those dreaded design gaps – and it is. Though the candle-style bulb points downward, the clear glass surrounding it helps disperse light in all directions. This is the ideal scenario when you need to spread light over a craft table or bathroom vanity. For transitional or contemporary homes, go for the polished chrome finish to match nearby faucets.

Vela 4 Inch Wall Sconce by Hubbardton Forge

Vela 4-Inch Wall Sconce

If you love the purity of the Vela Wall Sconce, but don’t need uplighting, simply flip the fixture on its head. This contemporary masterpiece works just as well shining up as it does down. In either direction, it’s a popsicle of light that treats your space to a powerful glow. Not to mention, this piece oozes refinement with those meticulously crafted straight lines and the rich, dark finish. Reserve the Vela for a very important room, like your master suite or home study.

Bunker Hill 4 Inch 2 Light Bath Vanity Light by Hubbardton Forge

Bunker Hill 2-Light Bath Vanity Light

The Bunker Hill Bath Vanity Light may be a literal exhibition of up/downlighting, but there’s nothing standard about it. The two glass shades are beautifully tapered like a well-made suit, pulled together with a bowtie-flared center. Even the detailed backplate lends a touch of character that you can tell was carefully thought out. Try this one on for size in your traditional bathroom. It will sit pretty over the top of your mirror or as a set, flanking the sides.

Loft 19 Inch Tall 1 Light Outdoor Wall Light by Hubbardton Forge

Loft 19-Inch Outdoor Wall Light

Not all wall sconces live indoors. If you’ve determined your lighting needs are on the perimeter of your house, the Loft Wall Light is a welcomed addition. Not only is it rated for outdoor use, but the lantern-inspired design makes it feel like that’s where this fixture belongs. Of course, as Hubbardton Forge sconces go, the Loft is a contemporary take on a traditional element. It comes in a number of finishes, so you can find the right complement to your home’s exterior.

Now, is there any arguing that Hubbardton Forge sconces are the perfectly designed accents you need in your home? From the well-lit work of art to the double-sided vanity light, you can’t go wrong with any of these handcrafted fixtures. And if you want to complete any of the ensembles, shop full collections from the Hubbardton Forge brand, available at Capitol Lighting today.