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Aug 27, 2019


6 Hudson Valley Lighting Pieces to Elevate Your Home

Whether it’s a rainbow on a cloudy day or a turquoise wave crashing on silky white sand, beauty has a way of elevating your experiences. At least, that’s the motto at Hudson Valley Lighting. They believe you should have these picture-perfect indulgences every single day. That’s why they’ve spent several decades creating inherently elegant designs for your home.

From polished traditional to high-end contemporary, the Hudson Valley Lighting brand offers something for every style. Come explore their fixtures and discover your own slice of serenity.

All About Hudson Valley Lighting

Their History

Hudson Valley Lighting went from a garage-based business to a growing conglomerate without ever leaving the family. Back in 1939, William Littman attended the New York World’s Fair and was inspired by the fluorescent lighting that was just being introduced to the masses. He was so “enlightened”, Littman decided to start a lighting business of his own. After about eight years of hard work and perseverance, the business was much too big for his garage. So he moved to upstate New York, along the Hudson River Valley.

As time went on, Hudson Valley Lighting was passed down to William’s son, and then handed over to his grandson, David Littman. David started his apprenticeship in the lighting industry when he was just a high school student. He would go on to graduate from Boston University and George Washington before returning to the family business in 1985 at the ripe “old” age of 23.

Under David’s leadership, Hudson Valley Lighting grew to become one of the most highly regarded companies in the lighting industry. Littman acquired two other designer brands, Corbett Lighting and Troy Lighting and rolled all three companies into the Hudson Valley Lighting Group (HLVG). Most recently, they created a high-end contemporary line, Mitzi. As a result, HLVG now has an extensive portfolio of fixtures and styles to suit a wide variety of home designs and decerning customer preferences.

Their Portfolio

Hudson Valley Lighting encompasses four distinct brands:

  1. Hudson Valley Lighting
  2. Mitzi by HVL
  3. Troy Lighting
  4. Corbett Lighting

Each of these brands offers ceiling and wall lights. The fixtures you can expect to find, include:

  • Chandeliers
  • Flush mounts
  • Semi-flush mounts
  • Lanterns
  • Pendants
  • Linear fixtures
  • Hanging fixtures
  • Wall sconces
  • Bathroom vanity lights
  • Picture lights

Their Style

Hudson Valley Lighting pieces are primarily distinguished by their quality design. You can clearly see the attention to detail and the importance they place on well-made materials.

They are also distinctively timeless with a trendy-cool touch. Their profiles often lean toward traditional, but their simplicity feels new and appropriately contemporary. Having a preference for uniformity over discord, Hudson Valley Lighting uses a lot of geometric shapes and sleek lines.

Even though their fixtures are the epitome of sophisticated modern lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting can instantly upgrade a traditional space or rustic farmhouse.

6 Hudson Valley Lighting Fixtures That Will Elevate Your Home

Imagine your own home transforming in an instant with one of these six stylish pieces hanging from above.

Allendale 35 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

1. Allendale Chandelier

Why we love it: The rustic candelabra has been upgraded with a slimmer profile and sleeker finishes. The sweet sphere adornments add just a touch of sophistication, dotting the arms and elevating the bobeches underneath each candlestick. This giant chandelier feels so light-and-airy you could easily hang two in one room without overwhelming the space’s overall design.

Where to put it: Brighten up a coastal living room with the warm brass finish, or choose the polished nickel and add a touch of sheen over a traditional, dark-wood dining table.

Danville 30 Inch 5 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

2. Danville Chandelier

Why we love it: The endless crystal beads turn a basic orb into a luxurious piece of jewelry for your home. The five delicate candles in the center are so subtle you won’t even notice they’re there until you turn on the lights. Then, all the light reflects off the crystals like a star-lit sky.

Where to put it: This glimmering globe is best suited for formal areas – like your dining room or foyer – where it can make a shining impression. Of course, you can always keep the glamour to yourself and savor this stunner in your master suite.

Hinsdale 43 Inch 7 Light Linear Suspension Light by Hudson Valley Lighting

3. Hinsdale Linear Suspension Light

Why we love it: The polished nickel beam is a perfectly straight line, like the kind you find in a sleek, modern home. And while the luminous bubbles are also characteristic of modern lighting, they have a hint of history in their design. Notice the hand-blown glass is etched on the inside, while the outside remains clear. This smoky, sfumato-style tone infuses a soothing richness.

Where to put it: This 43-inch linear fixture should be suspended over a long dining table or grand kitchen island, spreading light in all directions to fill the space.

Liberty 46 Inch 6 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

4. Liberty Chandelier

Why we love it: The Liberty’s stellate design is a type of celestial lighting that was influenced by the 1957 Sputnik 1, while the filament bulbs date back even later than that. This is a truly timeless fixture that remains on-trend, because of its cut-crystal discs and dazzling display of light.

Where to put it: The aged brass finish warms up a vaulted foyer or modern living room. Choose the polished nickel, and you can turn a traditional eat-in-kitchen into a lively social spot. No matter where you put this starburst, guests will look up and gaze.

Rumsford 20 Inch Cage Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

5. Rumsford Pendant

Why we love it: Traditional lanterns are boxy and closed off, but this caged pendant is different. The crisscross design keeps it open to the eight dainty lights inside. These beautifully crafted candlesticks look like a bouquet of blooming roses, ready to brighten your day with the flip of a switch. As light bounces off the polished-nickel lines, your ceiling is tagged with an eye-catching ‘X.’

Where to put it: Use the Rumsford to add a touch of modern elegance to your rustic home. Whether it shines in the entryway over distressed wood floors or dangles in a bathroom with your clawfoot tub, this pendant lighting will elevate your space.

Corey Damen Jenkins Zariah 36 Inch 12 Light Chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting

6. Zariah Chandelier

Why we love it: The 12-light Zariah is another classic juxtaposition of an old and new design. It has the drapery of a French empire chandelier with the hard angles of contemporary lighting. While you won’t find any ornate detailing, the delicate beaded chains soften the edges. This unique combination of styles works so well here because of the balance it creates – not just in this fixture but in your home.

Where to put it: Chandeliers are an obvious choice for your dining table, and the Zariah is no exception. You may, however, get more personal satisfaction looking up at this luxurious piece from your own soaker tub.

Enrich Your Lifestyle

Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures help you create experiences for yourself, your family and your friends that are well beyond ordinary. By bringing a crystal chandelier into your bathroom or hanging a bold bubble fixture above your kitchen island, you can finally have exactly what you deserve: a beautiful place to live a beautiful life.