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Jun 18, 2019


Our Top Pendant Light Fixtures to Brighten Your Home

What’s in a name? When it comes to lighting, the designer’s name says it all. It’s the mark of a quality piece with distinct characteristics. Like in fashion, each lighting designer has their own unique style.

To establish that identifying factor, premier lighting brands and designers pull from different time periods, cultures, colors and even other types of artists. These influences then produce a collection of light forms that are themselves, an inspiration to home design.

This couldn’t be truer than with designer pendant lights. Pendants are sort of the catchall category of lighting. They can be big, small, round or rectangular. Their light source can be surrounded by a linen drum shade or left to linger as an exposed light bulb. In other words, pendants are the perfect canvas for lighting designers to create their namesake.

The Designer Difference

How will you know when you’ve found a collection of designer pendant lights? Aside from their distinctive style and extreme versatility, there are several features that define designer light fixtures. These include:

The Materials

The first thing you’ll notice are the materials that make up the light fixture. While the combination of materials is often influenced by the designer’s own style, they are always of the finest quality. A lampshade, for instance, would be made of silk or fine linen, instead of a cotton or plastic blend.

The Finishes

In addition to the flourishes of a light fixture, you’ll also want to take note of the finish. Whether the tint is trendy (soft gold and vintage brass) or timeless (satin nickel and black iron), you can count on a designer finish being handcrafted. This means you may see variations in color from one light fixture to the next. It’s not a sign of impurity but, rather, a testament to the workmanship that goes into each piece.

The Craftsmanship

Of course, the finish isn’t the only feature that’s handcrafted. Designer pendant lights are created with painstaking patience and skill from top to bottom. Lines are carefully measured, turns evenly constructed and Inlays and cutouts are made with precision. While these details may vary slightly between fixtures, they are consistent throughout one piece.

Our Top 9 Designer Pendant Lights & The Inspiration Behind Them

E. F. Chapman Zodiac 23 Inch Mini Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co. E. F. Chapman Zodiac 23 Inch Mini Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co.E. F. Chapman Zodiac 23 Inch Mini Pendant

1. Zodiac Mini Pendant by E.F. Chapman

About the Designer:

Since 1996, Sandy Chapman has been the Chief Designer at Visual Comfort & Co. It was under his direction that Visual Comfort created their first ever signature line, known as the Chart House collection. Ever since then, Mr. Chapman has continued to bring his sense of classical elegance to every piece he creates. In fact, it is his traditional leanings that have helped shape the overarching style of Visual Comfort lighting.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

Remember that everything is in the name – and the Zodiac designer pendant is no exception.

Right away, you see the symbols of the zodiac etched into the burnished brass belt that wraps around what looks like a full moon, glowing in the night’s sky. Even the pendant’s chain features an astrological adornment that mimics the rings orbiting its glass globe. This is a distinctive fixture that deserves to hang in a high-trafficked area, like your foyer or have a home in the hallway as a hidden gem.

ED Ellen DeGeneres Darwin Large Pendant by Generation Lighting

2. Darwin by ED Ellen DeGeneres

About the Designer:

Well known as a comedian and daytime talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres has added one more thing to her list of talents: home décor. In 2015, Ellen launched her lifestyle brand, ED. The ED brand’s light designs are created in collaboration with Generation Lighting, which shares her passion for relaxed mid-century modern style. In Ellen’s own words, “ED is an extension of my lifestyle and is inspired by who I am as a person.” With that said, you can expect ED light fixtures to be thoughtful, modern and truly treasured pieces in a home.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

In Old English, the name Darwin means “dear friend,” which is exactly the feeling Ellen infuses with this design. You get a minimal profile and monochromatic finish that play well with other components in your modern home – no unnecessary drama here. You’ll also appreciate the low-profile lamp shade that provides direct light to help you tackle a task. Whether you need it for a reading nook or above your eat-in-kitchen, this contemporary pendant will always be there for you.

Spectra 18 Inch Cage Pendant by Fredrick Ramond

3.Spectra by Fredrick Ramond

About the Designer:

Fredrick Ramond was an independent lighting company built on fashion and sophistication. It is now owned and operated by Hinkley Lighting. As one of the world’s premier lighting manufacturers, Hinkley Lighting has maintained the essence of the Fredrick Ramond name, ensuring each statement-making piece is elegant, modern and meets the high standards of luxury lighting.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

When you think about what mid-century modern is, the Fredrick Ramond Spectra Pendant is a shining example. If the warm metal finishes didn’t give it away, the thin, straight lines and dramatic diamond shape surely will. Staying true to the less-is-more philosophy, this open-caged pendant doesn’t overwhelm. Even the etched glass orb seems to float like a delicate bubble. As for placement, the Spectra is spectacular in a beachfront bedroom or your modern entryway.

Glendale 12 Inch Cage Pendant by Hudson Valley Lighting

4. Glendale by Hudson Valley Lighting

About the Designer:

As the core brand of the Hudson Valley Lighting Group, these designs are a balanced blend of trend and tradition. That’s why you might often see interesting art forms paired with vintage materials. Above all, though, Hudson Valley Lighting is committed to quality craftsmanship, leaning on their network of engineering talents to produce impeccable fixtures. Their meticulous design standards are evident in everything from floor lamps to pendants.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

The Glendale pendant is an ode to the Sputnik satellite of 1957. It’s a revival of imaginative times when everyone was looking up and reaching for the stars. You can actually feel the excitement, as the exploding filament core hangs mid-air. The same way Sputnik captured the world’s attention, this starburst light fixture will captivate guests as soon as they step foot into your foyer.

Koi 17 Inch Large Pendant by Corbett Lighting

5. Koi by Corbett Lighting

About the Designer:

Corbett Lighting is part of the Hudson Valley Lighting family. This brand is defined by “striking designs, rich materials, and hand-applied finishes.” Though distinctive in their own right, Corbett light designs maintain the integrity of Hudson Valley Lighting. Put another way: They are built to last.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

There’s no denying that the Koi pendant is heavily inspired by its namesake fish, which drum up feelings of peace and quiet. Among all the designer pendant lights, this one is a seaside stand-out with its overlapping “scales” sandwiched between two mother-of-pearl rings. It is best suited to hang in your living room, especially if it has vaulted ceilings and a tsunami of natural light.

Brian Patrick Flynn Truax 30 Inch Large Pendant by Crystorama

6. Truax by Brian Patrick Flynn

About the Designer:

Brian Patrick Flynn is an interior designer, television producer and founder of Flynnside Out Productions. As a designer, Flynn has worked on high-profile projects like the HGTV Urban Oasis 2018. In 2017, he announced a partnership with Crystorama Lighting, allowing Flynn to formulate his own line of innovative lighting fixtures. With Crystorama, Flynn has created four fashion-forward lighting collections that range from mid-century modern pendant lights to traditional designs.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

Flynn has a flair for men’s fashion, which is clearly where he drew inspiration for the Truax Collection. With a polished metal band right in the center, this 30-inch pendant looks like a tailored suit. Flynn also plays around with proportions, which is an integral step in putting together an outfit. By simply enlarging a basic globe fixture, Flynn creates an eye-catching statement piece. This mid-century modern pendant belongs in your dedicated dressing room or vaulted entryway.

Libby Langdon Jennings 24 Inch Large Pendant by Crystorama

7. Jennings by Libby Langdon

About the Designer:

Libby Langdon is an interior designer, author, and television personality. She is the creative mind behind Libby Interior’s, Inc., located in New York City. With her design firm, Libby tackles residential and commercial projects of all sizes and fashions. Her approach to each one is to find a healthy balance between elegant design and everyday living.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

Art deco, meet the 21st century traditional home. That’s the Jennings pendant in a nutshell. It is a signature mashup of Libby Langdon’s design style. You get the classic drum shade made of pure white linen, but it’s accented by a modern, geometric pattern. The interlinking texture comes in either aged brass or polished nickel, either of which will add high-class glamour in your formal dining room.

Barbara Barry Simple Scallop 25 Inch Large Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co.

8. Simple Scallop by Barbara Barry

About the Designer:

In her 30-plus-year career, Barbara has worked with several brands to formulate various product designs. Among them, is her partnership with Visual Comfort & Co. The elegant designs she has created for them speak to her innate refinement. Barry favors subtle forms and neutral colors found in nature. Barry’s overall design philosophy rests on harmony within a space – nothing overwhelms or stands alone.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

Have you ever collected seashells by the seashore? Their scalloped edges are one of nature’s most fascinating features, which would explain Barry’s use for them in this oversized pendant. Though large in stature, it is not a dominating fixture. The sand-toned silk shade keeps it gracefully simple, while also softening the light from five candelabra bulbs. Because of its drum-style profile, this designer pendant light would sync up well with a round dining table.

Thomas O'Brien Goodman 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co. Thomas O'Brien Goodman 10 Inch Mini Pendant by Visual Comfort and Co.Thomas O'Brien Goodman 10 Inch Mini Pendant

9. Goodman by Thomas O’Brien

About the Designer:

Thomas O’Brien is an interior and home furnishings designer with his own firm in New York City called Aero Studios. He was a student of photography, art, and design before moving onto a budding career at Polo Ralph Lauren. O’Brien’s signature style mixes vintage, modern and traditional features, creating unexpectedly brilliant pieces that always feel warm and welcoming.

The Inspiration for This Pendant:

O’Brien is a man who collects beautiful things that lend meaning to life. Here, he has drawn on his nostalgia for charming antiques, as they have years’ worth of stories under their bellies. With its megaphone-shaped shade, you can almost hear history echoing from the Goodman pendant. If that’s the kind of ambiance you crave, choose the antique brass or bronze finished shade. Of course, because it’s an O’Brien pendant, you can also find it in a more modern paper shade with nickel finish.

The difference with designer pendant lights is that they have a story behind them, which helps build your home’s own design narrative. If you’re lost for inspiration, these nine fixtures are a great place to start.