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Jan 17, 2019


9 Gold Pendants You Will Dream About

Cumulus by Vermont Modern

Pendants are the most popular lighting choice – and for good reason. They can do it all. Whether your room calls for task lighting, a moody ambiance, a clever accent or something decorative, there’s a pendant that will light the way. And lately, we have just been glowing about gold pendants!

Let’s run through all your options for pendant lighting. And if you’re still not convinced, a peek at these gold pendants might spark your interest. Each piece is a pure example of what pendant lighting can bring to your home’s décor. Once you see them in action, you’ll believe these fixtures are worth their weight…in gold.

Types of Pendants

You can categorize pendants based on their shape, size, finish or even the type of room they’re designed to highlight. But the shape of a pendant is, perhaps, its most distinctive feature. Some of the most common options include globe pendants, drums, bowls, bells and lanterns.


As its name implies, the globe pendant is a plump round shape. This simple style splashed onto the design scene in the late 1950s, which is why it’s often a favorite fixture in mid-century modern homes. More contemporary takes on the globe pendant aren’t as perfectly spherical, but they still feature a fully engulfed light bulb.


Bowl pendants are like globes cut in half, leaving one side completely exposed. The bowl can either be open at the top or at the bottom. When it’s facing upward, it’s often called an inverted pendant. Inverted pendants are great for ambient or accent lighting. When the bowl is face-down, the pendant provides ample task lighting above a kitchen counter or bathroom vanity.


These are very similar to bowl pendants, except they have a distinctive bell-shaped curvature. The bell shape is sometimes made of metal for farmhouse and rustic homes. Other times, you’ll find these pendants made of glass that’s either clear, frosted, etched or painted. Bell pendants almost always direct light downward, which is why they’re favored in foyers and kitchens.


Lanterns are a classic style, inspired by actual lanterns. Though they vary in shape and overall design, you can expect all lantern pendants to have a square metal or wood cage. The cage is either closed off with glass doors or left as an open-air unit. These fixtures can have a single light bulb, but more often you’ll find them with three or four bulbs in the center.

Exposed bulb

Imagine a single rope, holding a single light bulb on the end. That’s an exposed bulb pendant. There’s no lamp shade, glass globe or lantern cage. It’s simply a bare bulb – usually a filament bulb – hanging down at whatever length you choose. Typically, several bulb pendants are strung together, with each strand at a slightly different length to create visual interest.

Mini pendant

‘Mini’ refers to the size of the light bulb, the drop length or the size of the fixture itself. As you might guess, they don’t emit a lot of light on their own, so these pendants are usually hung in multiples. Mini pendants can be arranged in a row or clustered together. That said, you’ll still find mini pendants acting alone, like reading lamps in a cozy nook.


Of course, you can create your own multi-light effect by stringing together several globe pendants at varying heights. But why go through the trouble of measuring and hanging individual lights when you can have a ready-made multi-light pendant? These pendants come with two, three or even 10 lights in one unit. With a multi-light pendant, you’re guaranteed a cohesive design no matter what style you choose.


Pendants that don’t neatly fall into any of the above categories are generally considered abstract pendants. These fixtures have unique construction and are often made with non-traditional materials. Because of their exotic form, abstract pendants aren’t always the most luminous. However, they’re perfect for creating a mood or defining your style. These statement pieces are most valuable hanging over your dining room table, welcoming guests in your foyer or creating ambiance in the bedroom.

Keep in mind that the type of pendant you choose will dictate the type of lighting you get. For instance, a globe pendant will send light in all directions. A bell pendant, on the other hand, directs light straight down. You’ll want to factor that into your home’s functional and design needs before picking your perfect pendant.

Where to Use Pendant Lights

The real question is: Where not use pendant fixtures? They’re such a versatile form of lighting. And with such a range of shapes and sizes, pendant lights can fit almost any space in your home. Here are some of the best places for a pendant:

  • In the foyer
  • Dotting a long hallway
  • In the formal dining room
  • Above a breakfast table
  • Above a kitchen island
  • At the top or bottom of a staircase (provided there’s enough head space)
  • In the middle of the living room
  • As bathroom vanity lighting
  • At the foot of a bed
  • Beside your bed

The Design Value of Gold Pendants

Some people think of gold as an overused finish in their grandparents’ bathroom. Others, will only accept gold as a traditional design feature. But the truth is, gold has never gone out of style – and never will. In fact, warm neutrals – like gold, brass and butterscotch – are among the most notable 2019 lighting trends. They’re taking the place of the grey neutrals, or “greige,” that have been popular for several years, because they lend a cozier, more lived-in vibe that so many people crave.

What’s even more inspiring is that yellow-gold is the perfect complement to light. When paired together, the two create such a soft glow that it feels like an open invitation to come in and relax. That’s why gold pendants are a no-brainer for lighting your home. You not only get a sophisticated fixture, but you get an entire room that radiates warmth.

9 Gold Pendants That Are What Dreams Are Made Of.

If you’re ready to add glamour and intrigue to your home, take a look at these nine glimmering options.

1. Mill by Visual Comfort

Mill Pendant by Visual Comfort

Is it a disco ball or globe pendant? Actually, it’s exactly what your entryway needs. The intricate lines of longitude and latitude add whimsy to a small, underappreciated space in your home, while the gilded finish screams for attention

2. Gramercy by Visual Comfort

Gramercy Pendant by Visual Comfort

When you want a lantern pendant that doesn’t look like a rustic barn accessory, you want the Gramercy cage fixture in gilded iron. It’s made with perfect symmetry to complement a coffered ceiling or checkered floor.

3. Country Bell Jar by Visual Comfort

Country Bell Jar Pendant by Visual Comfort

The Country Bell Jar blends traditional curves with an on-trend brass finish that complements even the most modern home. Because of its six incandescent bulbs, this pendant fixture will give you ample lighting in a two-story entryway or vaulted living room.

4. Ambrosia by Corbett Lighting

Ambrosia Pendant by Visual Comfort

At first glance, you might think of something seashell and ocean-inspired. But the Ambrosia is a much more complex fixture, thanks to three cascading tiers of gold and silver coins. This pendant says coastal-casual-meets-big-city-lights.

5. Calligraphy by Corbett Lighting

Calligraphy Pendant by Visual Comfort

Your home deserves a gold ribbon for this abstract pendant. The 42-inch-wide fixture is a beautiful piece of art in your living room or foyer. Better yet, save something this special for the bedroom, where you can always look up and admire it.

6. Quorra by Murray Feiss

Quorra Pendant by Murray Feiss

Hop on the celestial lighting trend with the Quorra brass-and-glass pendant. This spunky sputnik is such a hit it was featured on HGTV’s “Property Brothers.” But you’ll love it, because its 16 tubes of light look like a mesmerizing starburst.

7. Broche by Crystorama

Broche Pendant by Crystorama

It’s impossible to tell that this bowl pendant hides a six-light candelabra in its layers of gold leaves. What does that mean? It not only adds texture to a flat ceiling, but this pendant can really light up a room.

8. Cumulus by Vermont Modern

Cumulus Pendant by Vermont Modern

While it’s entirely abstract, you don’t have to look too closely to see this geometric piece was inspired by those white, puffy pillows in the sky. It’s clearly made to be fixed above head in the dining room or in the middle of your living space – especially if you have dark-painted walls.

9. Solstice by Synchronicity

The Solstice is a unique globe pendant that encompasses a ring of light in its textured-glass shade. It measures 36 inches round, but its visual impact is light as a feather. Truly, this futuristic fixture makes the most sense in a contemporary home.

Glitter With Something Gold

An old proverb says “all that glitters is not gold.” And while that’s a valuable life lesson to hold in your heart, it does not apply to interior design. When it comes to pendant lighting, you shouldn’t be shy about dressing your home in glitzy, gold-colored pendants. It deserves to be decorated in elegant jewelry, just as you deserve a space that sparkles. Find your favorite gold pendant and let the glitter shine on!