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Jul 16, 2019


All About Bulbrite and LED Bulbs

Most home renovations are concerned with layout, paint colors and cabinetry before lighting is even a glimmer in your eye – and that’s okay. But when you are ready to shop for lighting, Bulbrite wants you to know how much those decisions matter. After all, lighting literally permeates every aspect of your everyday life. Cathy Choi, Bulbrite’s President, will tell you, “beautiful light is beautiful living,” and we couldn’t agree more.

For over 45 years, Bulbrite has remained committed to creating fixtures that are not only aesthetically appealing but will actually “turn life on.” Whether you use it to set the mood for a dinner party or to energize your workspace, Bulbrite lighting is there to meet your needs.

Want to learn more about the Bulbrite mission and their portfolio of products? Keep reading.

LED Light Bulb by Bulbrite above bathroom tub
Bulbrite is best known for its energy-efficient LED bulbs, like this large globe with a spiral filament center.

About Bulbrite

How it All Began

In the late 1960s, Andrew Choi immigrated to the U.S. from Korea. Like many people before him, Mr. Choi was chasing the American dream. Having worked in the lighting industry in Korea, Mr. Choi decided he wanted to bring that knowledge and experience across the ocean. Lighting would be the foundation from which he built his dream.

As soon as he stepped foot on this new frontier, he hit the ground selling. Mr. Choi took to the streets of New York City, walking door-to-door with bagels and bulbs in hand, selling what he could to the lighting stores on Bowery Street. With a steadfast mission, Mr. Choi’s business grew into the Bulbrite brand everyone knows and loves today.

The Bulbrite Mission

All these decades later, Bulbrite is still a family business with Mr. Choi’s daughter, Cathy, now leading the charge. As President of Bulbrite, Cathy has stayed true to her father’s original purpose: to bring beautiful light to life. This mission is embedded within the company and continues to be Bulbrite’s guiding light in everything they do and develop. Whether it’s an LED filament bulb or energy-efficient fluorescent bulb, Bulbrite knows the ultimate use is something greater than themselves. After all, having the right lighting in a home can be life-changing.

An arrangement of LED bulbs can be put together to create amazing fixtures that fit any need.

The Bulbrite Design Style

Similar to mid-century modern ideas, function beats form in a Bulbrite design. While they make sure to have the right aesthetic for different styles and applications, their prerogative is to provide the best lighting possible. That means the bulb itself and the bulb’s output must fulfill the customer’s need, first and foremost. With functionality in focus, the aesthetics will fall right into place.

The Bulbrite Portfolio

Bulbrite produces light bulbs using nine different lighting technologies. The different types of bulbs include:

  • LED
  • Smart LED
  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • CFL (compact fluorescent lamp)
  • Krypton/Xenon
  • Fluorescent
  • HID (high-intensity discharge)
  • Miniatures (mostly for indicator lights)

Bulbrite bulbs also come in a variety of shapes, including:

  • A-types
  • Chandeliers
  • Globes
  • Linear
  • MRs
  • PARs
  • Reflectors

There are a few outliers in this equation, including the Iceberg LED Light Bulb by Bulbrite. This edgy bulb is neither round nor oblong. Instead, it reflects the cuts and grooves of a rock formation, as if it was plucked straight from a mountaintop. Its interesting design is then accented with an antique finish that casts a nice warm glow – perfect for a reading nook or lining across a kitchen island.

Dimmable 4 Watt 2000K LED Light Bulb by Bulbrite
The Iceberg Filament LED Light Bulb by Bulbrite welcomes early risers to the breakfast bar.

To complement their many light bulbs, Bulbrite has designed pieces that can be transformed into beautiful accessories. The Mini Pendant by Bulbrite is a simple example of a hanging ceiling light bulb that can easily be turned into an eye-catching fixture. If you’re looking for industrial pendants, a grouping of these mini pendants fit the bill with their long rope chains, brass-tinted hardware, and exposed filament bulbs.

Group of Mini Pendants by Bulbrite
The Grand Collection by Bulbrite comes in several different bulb shapes that go beyond traditional geometry. Mix and match these beautiful mini-pendants to create a truly grand fixture!

Bulbrite Takes on Technology

Mr. Choi was always focused on serving his customers and making sure his products met their needs. It was through his commitment to service that the importance of innovation grew. Over the last five decades, Bulbrite has made a name for itself in the industry by leveraging lighting technologies and creating innovative products and solutions.

Below are some of Bulbrite’s best contributions to the lighting industry.

Vintage LED Bulbs

One of Bulbrite’s most successful innovations has been the introduction of vintage LED bulbs. As many know, LED is a modern technology, which was developed to emit powerful, consistent light through energy-efficient means. Unfortunately, the original iterations of LED light bulbs were not aesthetically appealing and had a hard time producing a true white light that is so ideal for residential spaces.

To solve for this, Bulbrite developed the vintage LED bulbs, which were largely influenced by the ever-popular Edison light bulb. These bulbs have a tinted glass with long LED filaments that mimic the nostalgia of their incandescent counterparts. They satisfy homeowners and interior designers, alike, by offering the benefits of modern LED lights with the style and grace of something more vintage.

Smart Light Bulbs

Though vintage LED bulbs are a beautiful addition to any home, Bulbrite hasn’t ignored the fact that smart home technology is the wave of the future. Smart light bulbs, specifically, have seen a surge in consumer demand. This is partly because of advances in technology, but mostly because convenience is king. Modern families love the idea that you can set your lamps to turn on at a certain time or that you can adjust the color of your lights by simply swiping your smartphone.

In response, Bulbrite created their own line of smart light bulbs under the Bulbrite Solana brand. These are filament LED bulbs that naturally fit in with current design trends. Because they are “smart” bulbs, everything can be controlled from an app on your smartphone or mobile device.

Once you’ve set up your light fixtures within the app, you can dim your lights, adjust the color temperature to set a scene and even establish a lighting schedule. The best part is you don’t need an electrician to set up these smart bulbs. Simply unscrew the old bulbs and replace them with the new!


Bulbrite doesn’t just work with lighting technologies; they teach them, too. In fact, part of the Bulbrite Promise is “to never stop educating.” That’s why they created Lightopedia, a resource for lighting education and legislation. At, professionals can participate in different courses that teach the basics of lighting. This has become a useful training tool for Bulbrite’s employees and industry partners.

Bulbrite also offers consumer-friendly information about LED technology. On their website, you can find LED compatibility guides, an energy savings calculator, and much more. By keeping these resources free and easy to access, Bulbrite fulfills its promise to educate while also establishing itself as a lighting authority.

String Light Landscape Specialty Light by Bulbrite
Add these string lights to your landscape lighting scheme to help define your outdoor entertaining area.

The Bulbrite Difference

Bulbrite says, “We want to make sure we provide the right tools for people to bring beautiful light to life.” They accomplish this by offering a robust product portfolio and cultivating a wide knowledge base that helps consumers and professionals make the right lighting decisions.

But that’s not all that concerns Bulbrite. This company knows that a quality product is what guarantees a positive customer experience. Whether it’s a string of outdoor lights for your patio or a dimmable LED bulb for your dining room, Bulbrite never sacrifices quality. They even have their own lab at headquarters, where experts rigorously test their light bulbs above the average industry standards.

You might say this dedication to quality is driven by the fact that Bulbrite is a family-owned business. And it’s true: Bulbrite is not just a light bulb company, but a legacy that is destined to last.